Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Always Bet on Blart"

All week long, my plans were just goofed up.  I'd set something up and then they'd need to be changed, or someone else would need to change them.  Sure enough, the weekend was just as "spur of the moment". 

The one thing that was on the calendar and did happen was Mikayla's lacrosse game.  It took place in Corvallis this weekend - and as you can tell, the weather was a little unpredictable.  

One moment, it was glorious sun....

And, the next minute, it was literally hailing and pouring down quarter size droplets.  Fortunately, that kind of precipitation waited until the game was over, but we got pretty dumped on during the long walk back to the vehicle.  

It made for (what appeared to be) sweet bonding between the kids... =)

Next choice..."American Pie Pizza" in Corvallis - or going to see "Paul Blart Mall Cop 2" in Independence.

Well, as the poster says, "Always Bet on Blart"....

Mikayla's "Snap Chat"...

Oh yeah, some good family bonding at that movie.  It's not going to win an award at the Oscars, but it was funny, totally clean, and made you leave with a smile on your face.  Works for us!!!

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