Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stomach Bug

Post soon to come regarding our weekend - and date day with John.  But, right now, the energy it would take to get those pics uploaded from my phone exceeds the energy level I am at right now.  In fact, it took me all morning just to absently cruise through "Images" when I Googled "Sick Days"....
You like this one?  It most accurately represents the issues I dealt with all day yesterday, but seriously who looks like this when they are throwing up?  In fact, when I traced back the picture to its source, it was from a blog of a gal who dealt with what I dealt with and was making fun of the picture herself.  She noted the calm way the gal was holding the toilet - what I notice is her comfort level with that area of the toilet to rest her whole arm on it - obviously, she doesn't live with men in her household.  And, disregard this next sentence if you can't handle "oversharing", but for this round, I was literally spewing from both ends, so the plastic bowl had to catch the what came from the top while the porcelain bowl had to catch what came from "behind"....

Oh yeah, fun times - one of those where you have to just "get through".  In this circumstance I had Mikayla to be able to gauge from regarding how long it might last, and true enough, it was about a 24 hour run of the stomach bug's main symptoms (pun not intended...)

So, with Mikayla being sick on Monday, then realizing at 3:45 am on Tuesday morning that Mikayla was kind enough to share, and then calculating the possibilities of incubation if the guys get it (which I really doubt - I was way to cuddly with Mikayla while the guys stayed clear) - I won't have Whitley all week.  Missing her, but I am so thankful that Grandma Kay and her cousins were able to have her come play with them through the week.  While I'm sure we'll probably be good to go by tomorrow (at least as far as contagions go) - there is just no way you'd want to risk Whitley getting this. 

So, that's how my week has kicked off - how about yours?  =)

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