Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's Day.  For my kids, that means they feel entitled to a hot breakfast (oh, the nerve...what am I, their MOTHER?!) and some sort of little gift to prove we love them so.  (Note to moms with very young children, decide early how you will celebrate future holidays/special days, because once you "do it up big" they'll expect that much or more every year!  At least we've never built up leprechaun mischief on St. Patricks Day, special fiestas on Cinco de Mayo, or tree-house exploring on Arbor Day....but, we've kind of ruined ourselves on Valentine's Day, Easter, and Christmas).  

So, here are the homemade heart-shaped pancakes.  

And strategically purchased candy serving as the convenient treat to smuggle into the movie theater on the Saturday's planned viewing of "Lego Movie".  (Since I'm writing post-date, I can report it was a lot of fun!).  

I declared Whitley my "Valentine" on Facebook so neither of my kids would feel left out if the other one got the honor.   ;) 

The night concluded with Meg and Kenady coming over to prepare for their first Middle School Activity Night (aka "dance").   Love that difference in height.  My Thursday Night Life Group have been making a lot of comments lately about how much Mikayla looks like she is "growing up" - and then I look at shots like this - and yes, while she does look "older" - she sure isn't getting tall fast.  =)

And, by the end of the night, I'd conclude that none of these girls are really growing up too fast as they wanted nothing to do with boys that night (they were actually freaked out that they'd get asked to dance and had excuses all ready to go) and stuck together in a happy pack all night long.  Clothes, hair styles and finger nail polish...oh yes - they are all about that - but, we are still a ways off from boys and lots of drama.  I vote we keep it that way as long as we can!

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