Sunday, October 06, 2013

Another Stellar Saturday

We got a fun surprise in our email inbox Friday when Mary Beth emailed to let us know that her and the girls would be in town for a football game and would love to see us Saturday morning.  The timing was ideal for us, so we met up at Original House of Pancakes (my favorite breakfast place in town...excellent choice ladies!) at 9:30.

Andie brought a friend with her named Renee.  She was a sweetheart.  And, then, the guy in the back is named Chad.  He's been a "special friend" in Alex's life for the last year.  I think it's now official that he's her boyfriend.  John and I were very impressed with him - and I know that Mary Beth is fond of him too.

I sat next to Mary Beth during the meal (John and Leona were there too...just not pictured).  It was so great to chat nonstop with her and catch up on the lives of the girls and her longing to raise them right amidst a world with so much oppositions to young ladies.  I am so proud of Mary Beth - her journey hasn't been easy, but she's given her all for those girls.

After our all-too-caloric breakfast, we headed over to the Whites for the rest of the day to watch the Ducks play their away game at Colorado and follow up with other significant games of interest.  The Ducks had another blow-out...this next week will probably be our first big test against the Huskies.  As "ESPN's GameDay" will be there, it's obvious it's been touted as a game of interest.

The kids spent a lot of time playing with Whitley.  She had enough scooter cars for them to all play on...the Turtle was the biggest conflict for my kids.

It was a very cozy day - laid back, no pressures, just a lot of fun with family.

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