Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Livin' the Weekday Day to Day with Whitley

As I've mentioned before, while I tend to need more "downtime" than the average person, keep me cooped up too long in my house, and I'm ready to pull my hair out.   So, Whitley and I like to get out as often as possible.  Always, always, always people tell me what a happy baby she is - just how smiley and interactive.  This is true, but it's especially intensified when she's around people who interact with her and love her.  She absolutely delights in being the center of attention...

First up, pics taken with Heather, Suzie, and Christi - at an impromptu lunch date organized by Heather.  Short time together, but very sweet.

Last week, I needed to hit the Valley River Center mall for one random item.  Given it was rainy and cold outside, I thought it might be kind of fun to spend some time just hanging out inside.  Whitley was definitely getting tired of the stroller, so we ended our time at the mall's play center.  It seemed very clean and classy, so I figured, "why not"?

At first, Whitley just watched and didn't seem very excited.  Which prompted these pics and the expression that reminded me so much of the gymnast from the 2012 Olympics that became a viral sensation with her "not impressed" face.  I couldn't help myself from putting this up:

But, after watching the boys start to have fun, she decided she could delight in this place too.

The tunnel became "her territory" - she basically monopolized it, forcing the other kids to move around her if they wanted to go through.    She didn't mind - just don't force her out of it!

Because of her unique methods of getting around (affectionately called butt-scooting) -  she attracts some attention - not to mention how gosh darn cute she is.  Travis better be getting his shotgun ready for the teenage years ahead!

Mom and Dad are now in Maui.  What a bummer for them, right?!  Really, I hope they are having the time of their lives with Gerald and Sue over there.  Because of their ten days away, I felt like it would be a very good time to get in an appointment with Mom to adjust my body so it stays healthy in her absence.  Following my body work, Whitley got a little time on the piano with Grandma.  I hashtagged "child prodigy" on the Instagram post I put up, but really Whitley wasn't really into it.  Yeah, that's about how I felt about learning how to play music, Whitley.

This site will become very commonplace for us too - my weeks are filling up with dates with young women more now than ever before.  When the gals don't drive, we will often meet them here, as we did with a young lady named Alesha who'll I'll get to hang out with on Thursdays.  Whitley actually fell asleep on the walk we took together -as she's been transitioning more often to one nap per day vs. two, we'll take sleep any chance we can!

Yesterday, we visited Costco.  Steph had me pick out some Carter's Jammies for her - we had to have her pose with this one to get a picture for Heather as she's an "owl lover".  

I still need to get video of her doing this, but Whitley is now very intrigued by anything bright and shiny when we shop.  She'll do this adorable series of "oohs, ahhs, and waz dat's" that delights me (especially if we aren't in a hurry and have the time to stop and let her look and touch).  Our Costco trip was one of those days....I was savoring it all.

Later, we ended up at our local pizza parlor for a Marist fundraiser - killing many birds with one stone for dinner/lunches for the kids, supporting the school, and introducing Whitley to yet another play place.

A ball pit!!!  It's very shallow, so she wasn't overwhelmed by it - but soon became a little overwhelmed with the two year old, "Colton" - who seemed so enchanted by Whitley that he wanted to maul her.

Again....Travis....watch out!

And, oh those pigtails...I'm so excited her hair is long enough to play with like that!

And, a little bit of time on the horsie carousel - but it was a little scary - we'll return to that when she gets a little bigger. 

But, the slide...oh yeah, that was the ticket for Whit!

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