Monday, June 03, 2013

Trinity Formal 2013

Almost done with the school year?  That means it is time for the Trinity Formal to happen.  We were asked again to take pictures of the couples and the event.  Despite it being a crazy evening with Julie coming in to town and a birthday party taking place at our house for Heather, we didn't feel like we could turn down the opportunity.

We were delighted that the weather was fully cooperative for a fantastic evening of festivities.  Mid 70's and beautiful blue skies.  Oh yeah, that's the way it's supposed to go down.  The photography was also set to take place at the Jacobson Ranch - a wonderful venue for down home rustic "Pinterest-inspired" poses to take place.

We pulled in about a half hour before the girls and their dates to scout out potential locations for couples shots and assess the lighting.

Which turned into a Riley Family Photo Shoot...

Soon enough, the first bus came in with a crew, followed by the big yellow school bus.

It's too bad that our kids get nothing out of these experiences...

Soon enough, John was put to work.  This year, he suggested I bring our older camera and take candid "fun" shots while he was doing a lot of the more staged photography.   I'm so glad he thought of that - it gave me something to do and I felt like I could contribute to the preservation of memories of the event.

J.J. Halameir and Josh Ellison (one of the guys John meets with)

Alli Mertz with her date, Matt Noyer

Megan Dougherty with her date, Brandon Brey

We didn't know either of these two before the evening, but they were such a fun couple to shoot.  (I now know her name is Jennifer....I make all sorts of Facebook Friends after these Formals!)

Obviously, there was a wide range of creativity in what kind of poses folks wanted to do.

The entire crew...

And, the Trinity Girls...

This is the leadership team of the house...

The couples had time slots in which to get their pictures taken and while they were waiting, there were plenty of activities they could keep themselves busy with.

Lawn games:

Animal visits:

And a roaring game of Bingo in the barn loft:

These two gals - Abby and Hannah were alum of Trinity and helped organize the Bingo.

I had a good time with Hannah working with the light to try some fun poses...

While we were playing Bingo, this little bird was found.  I'm not sure what became of him, but he was well taken care of by a guy that was super-protective of his well-being...

These three gals are also Trinity alum and helped to take care of the food and drinks-

Betsey and John had their date night out at the Jacobson Ranch because he was called upon to drive one of the buses.

Olivia and Danielle - fun shot of them on the trailer...

This is Gina and her mom, Lynn - both Jacobsons that call this great place their home.  What a wonderful thing their family did in hosting the first part of the Trinity Formal!

After they left the Jacobson Ranch, the party moved back to the Trinity House where the girls had put out a spread of elaborate desserts and white lights to create a wonderfully romantic feel.  We weren't there for that part - already moving on to the next party of the night (already in progress at our own home), but here's a pic just for the effect-

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