Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Heather's Birthday and Julie's Welcome Home

This picture was taken at our home while we were busy snapping pictures at the Trinity Formal.  Crazy to see Julie loving on our Sydney - but then again, so appropriate - as if she's never left.

Kaela was happy to be able to pick her up at the airport when we realized we wouldn't be able to.  They stopped by the house and then joined up with Heather and a slew of her friends at a local restaurant to celebrate Heather's birthday.  Talk about jumping right in to the social mix for Julie - she admitted to definitely feeling overwhelmed with answering questions about life at Surfing the Nations in Hawaii and her new relationship with Nic.   

And, then, after dinner, this began to happen at our home (again, while we were gone).  A number of friends showed up to love on Heather.  When we arrived they were busy in a very competitive game of volleyball.  The guys had to drag Heather away with the the lure of ice cream cake so we could all sing to her.

Then, folks moved outside to enjoy the pleasant evening and the fire.  I found myself alternating with being out here and chatting it up with Kelli and Brian (who had coordinated the party with Kaela) and then returning to the living room.  Kaela was on one couch suffering greatly with puffy eyes due to seasonal allergies (it was an "off-the-charts" pollen day) and Julie was on the bean bag, just soaking in some downtime at our home.

Sadly, that half hour I spent with Julie was the only quality time I got to spend with her before the headache descended with a vengeance (chronicled in another blog post).  Fortunately, she got some great catch-up time with John and the kids - and even got to Skype to meet Nic (thumbs up from us!). 

It's hard to put a happy spin on my experience, but I sure am glad that Heather and Julie got to benefit from a nice evening of festivities and fellowship - celebrating them both.

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