Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Little Rain Can't Stop Us....

...but a lot of rain sure forces a "Plan B".

 This trip was supposed to be a repeat to this experience, which became what it was to the destination it ended up at because of the rain that was forecast almost everywhere in the northwest.  Ironically, we ended up with similar conditions, only worse.  In fact, the rarity of the rain northern California dealt with of Monday and Tuesday of this week was the headline feature of the Weather Channel.  Don't we just have the most excellent of timing?

So, Michele and I discussed an alternate plan of staying at a hotel in Weed to ride out the storm.  It would put us very close to our campground area and we could wake up on Tuesday, kill some time in Redding, and then get to camping in the afternoon once the rain passed.

I wouldn't say I'm a "hotel snob" as my ideal for lodging is easily attained at a Fairfield Inn.  That being said, though, this "Quality Inn and Suites" did not exactly live up to its name.  Definitely run down, but it fit the bill and didn't creep us out - and when Disney Channel appeared on the tv, there was rejoicing.

After leisurely taking out time to exit the hotel after consuming tons of the complimentary breakfast offerings (we aim to get as much out of the price tag as possible), we headed south to Redding.  This was our view.  It was NASTY.

Which led us to make this decision.  Yup, another hotel night.  The girls were thrilled with the prospect.  I think it's a toss up for them on what is more fun - camping or hotel dwelling.    This particular hotel (a Fairfield...yay!!!)  had a unique feature....Jack the Hotel Cat.  You can read the sign Mikayla put on her Pic Stitch below of the story behind his presence at the hotel.  For us, it nailed the decision to stay at this particular place....a very cool idea if you ask me.

Oregon is one of the few states left that doesn't allow self-service at gas stations.  So, it's always an adventure for Michele and I to figure out how to pump our own gas.  Michele's experience as a fail from the start as she inserted her card below the slot instead of in it.  She ended up having to use a nail file to pull it out (glad there wasn't a line).  It also took some efforts to even get the gas started.  Yup, she's a former valedictorian.   (And, for the record, it could have easily been me doing exactly the same thing....)

Next stop, the long anticipated In-N-Out.  We felt pretty good pulling in around 2:30 thinking we'd be missing the crowd.  Oh no, it was nearly out the door.  Seriously, I worry about this establishment's sustainability in the future.   I know that having this place "out of reach" makes the experience even better when you go, but it's such a shame there's not one nearer to us.  Everyone in the group loves it - which is an issue when these gals can't make a joint decision on regular old fast food. 

We found a booth, and all was well in the world for about 15 minutes of food consumption.  =)

Michele put this collage together highlighting the craziness of the weather we were facing and just how poor our timing was.  It was coming down like crazy outside of the restaurant and was the conversation piece of folks all around us.
We actually thought the rain had subsided when we decided to venture to the pool late in the afternoon, but oh might have been the most torrential so far.  The girls didn't care - they were mermaids in the heated pool, happy as can be, while Michele and I huddled in the hot tub, trying to figure out a way to find a cover so our Kindles could be read.  We ended up with those side tables positioned over a corner of the tub so our Kindles could sit beneath.  What a sight.

The evening ended with a viewing of "Pitch Perfect" - (yes a bit too mature for our girls, but they can handle it...and gosh it makes me laugh), some pulled pork sandwiches, and lots of happy lounging.  

This morning, the pitter patter sound of rain is gone.  It is still overcast, but we can do that, no problem.  We are headed out shortly - destination Lassen National Volcanic Park en route to McCloud, CA where we'll be FINALLY setting our tent up this afternoon.   It's about time, but we have definitely made the best of what we've been dealt with so far. 

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Tiffany said...

"Plan B" seems to be working out for you guys:D (birthday and camping) I would have to agree, cozy hotel vs. tent.....hotel ANY DAY!:) But that's just me.

Also, I'm in TOTAL shock that Oregon has gas station attendants to pump your gas....I would be in HEAVEN! Pumping gas is one of my dreaded duties and I usually don't refill until the light warns me:( I've gotten in trouble more than once over that!:)

Glad you guys are enjoying your summer!!!