Sunday, June 09, 2013

A Very Groovy Party

On Saturday, John and I had a most unusual "date day" - cruising from second-hand store to second-hand store looking for a "costume" for Jonna Leighton's surprise 40th birthday party - set to a a very groovy 70's theme.  Mikayla tagged along, and we actually had a lot of fun just being silly - picking out outrageous items that, to this day, still disturbs me in terms of style.  

The only downer - both John and I feeling like we wish we were "smaller".  It's that consistent truth that there will always be something in life on earth that will nag at us to be us discontent.  So, on a day without a headache lingering (I've been doing great lately!) - I was instead focused on body image and wishing I were ten pounds lighter.  Sigh....  The positive, in general, John and I are in the same boat at any given time, and we both committed to trying to "lose" prior to the roadtrip we'll soon be embarking upon.

So, don't look at these pics too closely - we definitely didn't consider them "flattering"...

We arrived about 45 minutes before Jonna returned home from work.  At first we opted to surprise her by waiting outside.  But, then Chris went back to "Plan A" by bringing us inside so we could actually see her response as she walked into the house.  Good job, Chris.

John captured some very priceless expressions on Jonna's face as she was absolutely surprised and overwhelmed by the showering of love upon her.

When we arrived at the party, we hardly recognized Chris - boy did he look hot.

When Jonna saw this gal, she really lost it.  It's her high school friend that flew in from Boston to see her and be present for this celebration.  So precious.

Like the great sport she is, Jonna ran upstairs and donned her own 70's look to fully participate in the fun.  Unfortunately, due to another grad party (for Natalie Mertz) that we were invited to, we weren't able to stay long after the surprise.   It was long enough, though, to recognize just how adored Jonna is - I feel very honored to be able to consider her such a great friend.

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