Friday, June 14, 2013

Safari Sams

In celebration of this sweet little niece of mine's Tuesday birthday, we made our annual trip to Safari Sams on Thursday.

We picked a good day to go as it was absolutely pouring in Eugene.  Crazy weather that day - even the drive home through Albany had traffic practically at a standstill on the freeway as we waited for the monsoon to pass.

This year, Whitley came along.  Unfortunately, she opted to play with the kids on the whole drive up (which would have been optimal nap time), so I found myself trying to amp up the volume on my Kindle Pandora app so it would block out the screaming thrills of delight of all of the kids playing above our little nook.

She did fall asleep - but only for about 30 minutes.  It's so crazy that mode of protectiveness you find yourself in to guard a sleeping baby.  "For the love of all things good, everyone is this play BE QUIET!"

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang played like crazy.  Cruising through the rope and tunnel overhead obstacle course and putting on the black lit neon golf course.

Upon waking, Whitley was ready to play too.  They had a little toddler play area so she took a few turns down the slide with one of the girls.   And, then, we spent a lot of time playing ball on her blanket.

I'm looking forward to the years ahead when Whitley will really grasp just how much fun this place is.  But, then again, I hope those years don't come too fast.

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