Monday, November 07, 2011

Phenomenal Football!

My laptop has less than 10 minutes left of battery power. Our power cord died last night so it is a good thing I am substitute teaching today so I can plug my laptop in at the classroom. (Yes, again for that "beloved class"....and again the day after Thanksgiving weekend....I'm determined to not teach for another class but them until 2012!)

Just wanted to report that Brayden's football team went through the season UNDEFEATED and beat the "other team" yesterday in a spectacular fashion. I'm telling you, IT WAS A GAME! - it was really unbelievable to consider we were watching a 7th grade level team vs. high school or even lower division college given the constant passing, repeated receptions in double coverage, multiple recoveries of onside kicks - and on and on. So impressive.

It was a "grudge match" so it was only fitting that our good buddy, Tanner, who was the one that was taken to the hospital after the last meeting, was the one who played the most dazzling. It was like he had something to prove! =) I have to say, it's been rare that I've ever wanted to see a win happen so much just to defeat another team....not a nice thing to say, but if you were to hear the way that other team's crowd - I think you'd understand.

So, we ended up winning by 12 points, but it wasn't until the game was officially over that we felt "safe". Next week, the boys play on Sunday at Autzen Stadium for the Division 1 State Championship - woo hoo!!!! And, we are thankful also for the win that prevented us from playing during the Duck/Stanford game Saturday night....

Yes, segue to the Ducks....another win and next week's match-up will again bring GameDay. This time, I'm not expecting Lee Corso to don the Duck mascot's head - we are the underdogs again mighty Stanford. But, hey, I think it could be done.

No matter what, next weekend promises another visit to "Phenomenal Football" and with the return of Michele and the girls (her boys are hunting through the week) - and a three day weekend.... I can't wait!

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