Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PF Chang's with Grandma

On the "every other year" situations in which we spend Thanksgiving out at Mom and Dad's house, we've made it a tradition to have dinner early in Thanksgiving week with Grandma Leona. For whatever reason, PF Changs has become the restaurant of choice.

This year, we made it happen on Monday. Pictures to come soon from John's I-Phone, but I wanted to make sure and record the event in "The Cozy Corner" history books.

We had a great time, with great food. The experience was tinged with some annoyance at the kiddos who have yet to completely master any sort of skill of fine dining etiquette, but I was in a good enough mood to not let it ruin the experience. Instead, it was enjoyable chatting about Leona's church, their live nativity and her Thanksgiving holiday plans with Mary Beth and the girls. =)

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