Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Done with People

Last night, after volleyball practice, I came home and told John, "I'm done with people (as in adults) - I want to just skip ahead to Christmas break and avoid as many people as possible". I was fried - and felt like I'd been exposed to too many negative comments from too many people - I was just "done-in".

Of course, that's not reality and a good night's sleep helped matters become clearer. The "people" in question are only a handful of folks and not inclusive of the amazing folks that I get to interact with in life day in and day out.

That was evidenced today when I got the opportunity to spend some time with one of the extraordinary occupants of the Trinity House. She had asked to meet with me in order to get some wisdom and perspective from someone who's been through a little more life than herself - and while I tried to offer what I could, I really walked away KNOWING that I was the one blessed by the encounter. This gal is in love with Jesus, and just being around that radiance makes me long to spend time with my Savior and Creator. Not because of guilt or legalism, but because of the infectiousness of her joy in Him.

More often than not, that's the way I feel after meeting with these different gals - for different reasons, with different personalities and "connections" to be sure, but blessed nonetheless. This all goes to prove that what I need to be "done with" is not "people", but my attitude!


Jen said...

Aw, I don't think you have a bad attitude. :o( We all have days like that. It's hard being around negative people or people who always complain. I understand what you mean and there are plenty of days where I would just rather not deal with anyone at all!

Good for you, for meeting with this woman and walking away with a different perspective then how you had been feeling before. However- I still think you are entitled to have your moments...I know I do! :o)

sara said...

oh my gosh, Steph, can I relate to this post!! Steve and I often laugh and say we would LOVE our job (ministry) if it weren't for the people! ha!

when I get to the point I am "done", I often find that my focus is either on them or me when it really should be on HIM.

praying for you!