Friday, August 19, 2011

Recap for the Week

Next week Mikayla attends her week at Camp Harlow, and then after that we have one more week before the kids return to school on the days following Labor Day. That's left this as a "in between" week; Brayden has had morning football camp, but besides that, nothing pressing.

We've spent quite a bit of time with the Meyers kids as well - at the pool, here at the house, playing (for 2 hours!) in the play area at Papa's Pizza. The company has been fun for my kids, but has also kept them from focusing on one another. Yesterday at Papa's, a woman came out of the play area asking if the kids in the UO clothes were my kids. I was a little reluctant to say "yes" as there had been some really big kids in there earlier that had eventually been kicked out as they were being obnoxious and I was a bit concerned this was a repeat of that. No, on the contrary, she was over-the-top in telling me what great kids I had, how helpful and thoughtful they were. It's always a major bonus to hear that from a stranger, but later on, when I saw her again and she repeated her compliments, I did reveal that their "Achilles Heel" is each other - as so few of those positive attributes ever surface when relating to one another. (It's been the source of a lot of lectures lately, in fact, at this very moment.....GRRRRR!!!!)

So, that's the scoop here - nothing over the top exciting, but rather lively nonetheless. The Schillings will be down on Sunday, with Nati and Ellie joining Mikayla out at Harlow - and Traig and Michele hanging with me for the week. Hopefully, we'll have some good bonding time with our middle school boys....

I think I'll end this random post with a question to those moms out there with kids in school. Would you rather your kids get out of school in May and return to school in August, or would you prefer school ending in June and returning in September? For those of us in Oregon, even though the wait seems endless in the spring, I definitely think we've got the right arrangement given our "good weather" doesn't usually kick in with any consistency until July. (On a sidenote, our weather thus far in August has been as good as it gets - mid 80's, brilliant blue skies.....PERFECTION!). We don't usually get our cruddy weather back until sometime in October, so it's all for the best. But, that won't stop me each year from getting quite jealous in May when you Southerners talk about school getting out....


Anonymous said...

I have some kids who would choose the wishful "get out in May, go back in September" option. For us here is Utah though it's out in May, back in August which for some odd reason makes the summer seem even more fleeting. Congrats on the compliments for your kids. I've always believed that says something about Mom and Dad as well. =)

Jodi said...

Your blog is looking fall-ish!

Ashton will be at camp next week too! Ah! First overnight!

I think OR has the scheduling just right for Summer.

TTYL Friend!