Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Sydney!

Today, our beloved Golden Retriever, Sydney turns six. She has been the ideal addition to our family - we all love her so much.

So, in honor of her birthday, we decided to take her out on the boat with us instead of leaving her behind. In theory, knowing how much Sydney likes water and likes to ride in the car, you'd think she'd be the perfect boat dog. But, Syd is a "nervous ninny" in the boat - and as far as the water goes- if she can't walk herself into the water, she's afraid of it (i.e. - anything requiring her to jump into it).

That's why this picture happened - we had to kind of give her a nudge to get in the water -

She played and swam a bit, but we were worried she was going to go to the shore (quite a ways away - instead of getting back to the boat), so we had to coax her back on board.

Brayden then chose to imitate the behaviors we expected from Sydney - in retrieving the tennis ball and dog-paddling with it.

On board, Syd was all over the place: on my lap, leaning overboard, etc. I think she feels most secure with me, so the times that I was on the tube, she was especially hard to keep contained.

In fact, as we drew the tube up to the boat, she actually jumped on board to be with me. No, we did not attempt to tow her anywhere - that would have been bad in so many ways!

It was a short time on the lake - with just us Rileys - but, fun, nonetheless. Back at home, we presented Syd with a brand new dog bed and a bone - both of which she gleefully indulged in, no doubt thankful she was safe on land again!

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