Saturday, August 20, 2011


As if I need something else to get consumed by on the internet...

But, alas, I'm hooked. Last night, on a rare opportunity that I had to use the computer (the kids have a simulation game called "Minecraft" that keeps them constantly begging for time to use it) - I requested an invitation to join Pinterest. Within a half hour, I was "in" - and life will never be the same. Ok, it will be, that's too much of an exaggeration, but I can definitely see the opportunities to be endless in terms of how much time I could spend perusing other people's ideas and choices, not to mention searching for original ideas to put on my own boards.

So, if you haven't joined this "social catalog" site, maybe you might not want to. It's far too addicting!

1 comment:

sara said... can't keep away from it!!! I have got to get off so I can TRY all the fabulous things I have found! ha!