Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Not As Endless As It Seemed

Each June it's the same story. Grand ideas are shared, "Let's make it happens" are proclaimed, and optimism runs high that the two and a half months of summer vacation will magically expand to fit boundless activities imagined in the mind.

The older I get, the more practical I become. It's not that I want to sound all "I know better", but it's definitely something I've caught on about. If there's something you really want to see happen during the summer, you probably ought to schedule it somewhere in the calendar, because the days slip by oh so fast. (What I have NOT figured out through is why June, July, and August seem like they move at hyperspeed pace compared to the endlessly slow months of January, February, and March around here!)

So, here we are, a third of the way through August, with a month to go before our school starts. (My friend, Tiffany, sent her two boys back to school today - which just seems crazy to me, but they got out a month earlier than us as well, so I guess it's all fair.) While I'm happy with what we've been able to do this summer, there's still so much left undone. I've been up on the wakeboard only ONCE this summer (though I hope to remedy that immensely with our boating/camping trip this weekend). The time spent at the pool has really been very minimal, compared to summers of the past. But, I gotta say, it's those younger folks that still have that "endless summer" mindsets that have swept me up in to their optimism and left me re-realizing my own truth. Particularly with the members of our "Tuesday Night Ladies" - there were so many ideas thrown out in June over the fun we'd all have together in the summer. Camping, bike rides, hiking trips - sadly, so little has come to fruition compared to what we'd all aspired to do. Tomorrow, will be the last opportunity for us to all meet as the same cohesive group we began with. I'm hoping everyone can make it, we're meeting out at Harlow and participating in their Praise and Worship Night. And, then, hopefully one last time we'll be able to hold hands, share our prayer requests, and lift up mighty praises to the Lord for bringing us all together. Courtney is beginning Med-school within a few weeks and by the end of the month, Christi will be married and moving off to Portland (where Courtney will be - at least they'll have each other up there!).

With sadness, there will be good-byes tomorrow as we all embrace the change that is the constant in this world of ours - just as the months fly by and all too soon we'll recognize that the endless summer we longed for is already over.

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Carrie Hopkins said...

Summer never does last long enough, does it? I hope you enjoy the last of yours. School starts for us here in Provo, Utah on August 22nd and the kids are reminding me that they need some things. I'm not ready for back to school shopping either. I enjoy your blog updates. =)