Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Girls' Week at Harlow

These are some happy smiles, let me tell you! The gal that Mikayla is sitting on is Heidi...aka "Butterscotch" and the gal that Christina is sitting on is Cassie...aka "Mermaid". They were PHENOMENAL counselors for the girls this week!

As soon as we arrived to pick Mikayla up, she wanted to show us a hand-slap routine they had learned...

Big hug from Cassie - I have no doubt she crawled all over both of them all week long. She tends to do that with folks she adores - which is why Julie nicknamed Mikayla "Koala". We figured out and all agreed that that should be her camp name when she becomes a counselor. =)

Another hug to Tess (who also assistant-coached Mikayla's soccer team last fall).

Special one-on-one pics were three of her favorite women out at Harlow: Kimmie, Cassie, and Heidi.

And these final two pics were taken by my friend, Lauren, who works out at Harlow - during the week. I think it's obvious Mikayla had a blast!

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Wow! girl bonding and girl power...makes me miss my mom more.