Friday, August 13, 2010


There hasn't been much to report this week. Brayden and Andrew and Christina and Mikayla have been hanging out much of the week with Amy and I alternating on who is "watching" them - which is a very loose term as they are all quite self-sufficient these days. That's left me with time to get caught up, which, in terms of blog posts, is very un-interesting stuff.

I have had some random thoughts swirling through my head during this time, though - so here goes:

- The other day I was reading through a magazine and saw a picture of Ryan Seacrest (American Idol host) when he was in high school. Wow, that guy has majorly improved. His senior picture had all the classic traits of why a kid would be potentially tormented in high school - braces, bad hair, thick glasses, overweight, etc., etc. Apparently, he was bullied quite a bit.

I also have read that Demi Lovato was also quite bullied in high school, but now she now is a Disney star and recording artist.

It really makes me wonder what those former classmates are now thinking - and just how cruel that "classifying of high school" really is. I mean, seriously, kids' self image of themselves is formed based on the fellow opinions of teenagers - who obviously have little expertise in what makes a person of character. Scary stuff.

- Speaking of high school, clearly I still have issues - though not necessarily in the bullying department. I still consistently dream of being back in high school, having to pass classes to finally make my diploma (degree - it all kind of blends together) complete. Over the years, my internal efforts to make sense of the "whys" of such a dream has created this story that I had enough credits to get my diploma/teaching degree in theory - and act on it, but there are still some missing classes (credits) I still ought to get. And, if there's something I ought to do, chances are - I will. Last night's dream had me playing volleyball (a more pleasant aspect of the dream) in p.e. class with some fun guys from the old days. When I went to ask one of the guys why he wasn't at our reunion a few weeks back, thinks started getting really convuluted in the dream - as I couldn't come up with a valid explanation of why we would be attending high school during the same time we'd be attending a 20 year reunion. Having my dream sub-conscious work so hard to try to rationalize that 20 year difference is actually kind of funny. I also ended the dream with the classic realization that I hadn't attended many of the classes I'd signed up for, and instead of dropping them, as I should have, I just got F's. That's usually when I wake myself up, because deep down, apparently - that's my biggest fear in life! (Ha-ha!)

- On a completely different note, John and I have really been enjoying "Covert Affairs" - Tuesday nights on the USA Network. It's a spy show, but with enough levity to make it fun. I'm a big fan of Christopher Gorham who plays the CIA handler for the main female character, who just happens to be blind (him not her). It's really a fun show - kind of nice to find something new with a plot to watch in the middle of the summer.

Alright, I think that's about it for me. I hope you all have a phenomenal weekend. Our weekend plans have a big question mark next to them. There's been some family "discussion" on what we want to do, but nothing concrete. I guess we'll just have to wait and see..... =)


sara said...

I was just asked to be friends on face book by the girl who bullied me the most in Jr. High!! Funny thing is that I didn't even recognize her!!

StephieAnne said...

The big question is, did you say "yes"? =)