Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Elusive Swim Rings

This has been the week where both kids have been in their consecutive sports camps from 9-11:30. It sounds like a great deal, one at one place playing volleyball, one at an other playing football - both led by different high school players. Mikayla's volleyball camp (which ends today) is at Thurston High School - where I graduated. It's been fun dropping her off at my old stomping grounds.

However, it's clear across town - and I checked today - by the time I leave the house, drop one off, then the other, then return home - there goes 45 minutes of time. So, these camps that sound so good in opening up time for me, are actually costing me about an hour and a half (at least on the days I'm driving both ways) of time.

When this dawned on me on Monday, I decided to putt around town instead of heading home (or to the gym which is right next to home). In preparation for the four day camping trip this weekend where we'll be spending a lot of time in the water, I went looking for some swim rings - exactly the kind that were shown in the pictures of us at the pool (those were Amy's). You know, the $3 plastic, blow-up, adult size swim rings.

However, because it is August - no one sells these things now. And, I mean NO ONE! I know, because I went to ELEVEN stores on Monday looking for them (many in the same shopping areas....) and there were NONE to be found. Instead, there's Halloween stuff, because, hey, it's the middle of August - and it's important to start stocking up on Trick or Treat candy, and not to purchase items that would help you deal with the mid-90's temperatures!

I ended up settling on some other swim items (just a step up from the arm bands - which every store seemed to have an overstock of), some inflatable kick boards and a blow up whale that the kids will play (er, I mean fight) with.

On Tuesday, I decided to return that whale to Bi-Mart (the store I got it at across town)- but to the one closest to my house. And, there, lo and behold - were dozens upon dozens of those elusive swim rings - and 25% off! Oh happy day, store #12 brought success. Michele even went by while she was in town to purchase 3 more - as I had bought 5. The kids appreciated them at the pool yesterday, and I'm pleased they will be able to be used on Thursday when I take the kids up to set up camp before John comes up after work. Since we'll have some extra time on our hands - and no boat, we'll use them at the swimming area at Hills Creek.

Here's the rest of the story, though - when I came home yesterday to start clearing out the boat for our trip, what do I find? Oh, there you go, the FIVE SWIM RINGS I had left from last year - all deflated and put carefully in there own little bag.

Good's been some great use of time this week, let me tell you!


Jen and Bern said...

Haha, funny story! I do that all the time. I need to have an itemized list of everything I own in excel so I can just look it up. The location should be listed too! Good reminder for me, have fun camping!

sara said...

that is so hilarious....isn't that the way it always find what you are looking for after you have purchased a new one!!!

I am a bit jealous of the camping this weekend and very jealous of the mid 90 temps!! that would seem like a cold front to me right about now!