Saturday, August 07, 2010

Mid School Camp at Harlow

Yesterday we picked the boys up after having spent a week (well, since Sunday) at Harlow. All three were in exceptional moods and reported having had a phenomenal week. PRAISE GOD! After their attitude about Seattle, and less enthusiastic responses to some other events we've sent them to, this was a big relief. The only complaint was that "Dave the Wave" does not run the show for the middle school camps. I think this fact would make Dave super delighted that they missed him so much.

They also liked their counselors - Jellyman and Dragon. Apparently Jellyman had a very dry sense of humor (when warned by Mark that Andrew was allergic to girls, he actually wrote that down on his form and straight-faced informed them that he'd do his best to keep Andrew away from girls during the week). They liked him, but also considered it a rare privilege to get him to crack a smile. Dragon, on the other hand, was very funny. It sounded like a great combination.

I guess they had a good group in their "wagon" too. And, according to Andrew, all three of our boys all got along - the only hiccup would be when they "pantsed" Brayden, but he doesn't hold grudges long (he just gets back). =)

Here are a few pictures taken when we dropped them off as well as pulled from the camp website:

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