Sunday, August 29, 2010

Congratulations Daniel and Genna!

Aren't they a BEAUTIFUL couple? About three months ago, John came home from work thrilled that they'd hired a guy named "Daniel". What a crazy coincidence that Daniel just happened to be engaged to a former "Trinity" girl (i.e. - attendee of CCF), so many of the folks I hang out with happened to know the two of them. This also meant that attending their wedding would be even that much more fun, because there would be several people that we knew there.

If you are going to get married outside in Oregon, for sure your best bets at success would be to plan the wedding in August (or maybe the first couple of weeks of September). Sure enough, Genna and Daniel got married on a sunny day, but I have to say, it was much "brisker" in the evening than we have been used to. (Especially way up in this "mountain sanctuary" where the wedding took place). Literally, my thumbs were going numb.....brrr!

After the ceremony, we each took our chairs over to the tables along this amazing deck where we had dinner. This picture is of Abby - giving me her "throw her hair back" pose. I love this gal and wish her tremendous fun and joy as she heads to Spain to study abroad this term.

Posing for Kaela's camera are: (left to right) Kaela, Abby, Caitlin, and Becca.

This picture gives just a glimpse of the expansive view this house has of the farming community below.

And, it wouldn't be a wedding if we didn't pose for our own "couples" shot.

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kleephotos said...

Aww Great photos Steph! Glad you and John were able to make it! Did John's photo of all of us (group shot) turn out? If so, I'd love to see it!