Sunday, October 08, 2006

We Made It Through!

So, we made it! In a little less than an hour, we navigated the great "Corn Maize". Actually, I should say, Travis and John navigated it - in a style that made me think that we were part of "The Amazing Race". In fact, on a couple of occassions I had to remind them that we had a four year old walking with us.... losing the kids would have been a very bad thing! We only repeated landmarks a couple of times - good job guys!!!!

A couple things we learned:
- If you are taking kids, a baby jogger would make it through, might be a good idea-
- Take the map (I took a picture at the front entrance) - as well as a pen and mark down where the numbers are on the map. At those spots, there are clue cards you can take with you (with the answers on the bottom), that will insure, from at least those points, you are going in the right direction. We had the map and the clues, but no idea where the numbers were on the map. That would have been very helpful.
- I just can't imagine the horror of navigating this thing during the "Haunted Nights" that they do at night time. - We snapped a couple of pics of some of the scenes within the maze. There are several tunnels, an old school bus which I think you have to go trhough, plenty of places for people to jump out. It would have to be absolutely terrifying......

The cow train was a hoot, they do these roller coaster thing over the hills, the draft horse wagon train for the pumpkins - the caramel kettle corn..... It was an all around awesome day at Lone Pine Farms, another tradition we'll have to repeat in years to come.


LiteraryGirl said...

Great pictures...looks like the perfect Fall day to me!

HollieHobbie said...

How fun! Another accurate word for you: "experiential"(from Lisa) along with COZY; those are words that accurately describe you and your family. Keep up the good work of making wonderful memories!
ps: That Nighttime one, though, has always made me rather anxious just thinking about it!