Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Random Thoughts

We're leaving for a week in Disneyland on Friday with Michele's family and The Meyers again. This time, my parents get to join us for the first weekend - one day in Disneyland and the other day in Legoland. I think we'll be actually at the park on Saturday (Disneyland and California Adventure) from 8am until midnight.....we're hoping for the best!

So, today, is the designated packing morning while Mikayla is at pre-school and Brayden at school. I've been accumulating things for weeks now (I am a much better packer if I do it over a long stretch of time than all at once - I literally have stress dreams over having to pack in a hurry). So, today has essentially been simply picking what piece of luggage to put stuff in and using lots of gallon ziplocs to keep things together and keep stuff from leaking. I've discovered today that 11am is a very bad hour of tv. I rarely am around to watch morning tv, so it's been a new experience for me. I eventually settled in on an episode of 24, which is intriguing, but a little unsatisfying to watch randomly.

I'm including a couple of pics. Jodi snapped a shot of her cat lounging, I thought I'd do the same with Sydney.....we'll miss her next week, but we know she'll be happy with her lab-buddy, Koda. Thanks Mike and Janet!

The other picture is the "grocery list" Mikayla decided to do on her own. What a little "Mommy to be". She pulled some treats out of the "snack bin" and started trying to list the names on the notepad. Don't hurry it, honey, that grocery list responsibility will be on you way too soon!

I'll bring my laptop to California, but am not guaranteeing consistent posts. I'm still hoping for more responses to the questions of the week - I think it's neat to see how we are all wired differently.

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HollieHobbie said...

Have Fun, Fun, Fun in Disneyland! I love the 8am to midnight schedule! Can't wait to see pictures. And have fun trick or treating with all the characters!