Monday, October 23, 2006

Legoland - Day 2

Day two brought us to Carlsbad where we adventured in Legoland. I would definitely say it is an ideal location for 3-9 year olds - lots of places to play and yes, bring your swimsuits - huge water area to get soaked. It was a nice change of pace to have the temperatures drop with the marine breeze and the crowds be significantly less intimidating.
This is not a good pic - best that it's a distance shot - but it shows how formidable our group of 16 looks
Isn't this adorable - Ellie was growling at Grandpa, and giggling so much- I can't even begin to describe how great it was to have Mom and Dad there with us these two days-
Miniland at Legoland - the boys were so enthralled, Grandpa and Mark included
What happens when Amy gets tired - Brayden was a little peeved
Isn't this too cute? Petting the Lego dog
Invading the San Diego In and Out Burger restaurant - by far our cheapest meal of the trip
This is the view of the house my dad is working on in Coronado - it is taken from the dock of the ocean bay..... pretty cool to come view his craftsmanship

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Colie said...

So much fun! What memories you are making:-). I think you are all a little crazy to to think you could go 16 hours on day 1 but crazy is not bad:-). Have fun friends!