Monday, October 09, 2006

A Couple of Questions XXXVIII

Courtesy of Heather (JustMe)....... and in a "Mother" theme-

1. In what area do you feel you really excell as a mother?

2. What is a favorite activity that you do with your mom or something you wish you did together?

Thanks again, Heather!


StephieAnne said...
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StephieAnne said...

I really like having had the couple of days to think about it.....

1. Let's see:
They eat only the most nutritious foods, they have never wasted their day in front of the tv, they adhere to a perfect nighttime routine, falling asleep obediently in their own beds every night, without arguement.......HA, HA, HA!!!!! - Nope, those certainly are not Mother-strengths in this house!

So, in reality, I feel like I do a good job of giving my kids lots of memories to cherish. When I want to, I feel like I can empathize with them pretty well, but it's a strength I don't always use. I also feel like I have instilled a strong sense of "home" in them.

2. Absolutely at the top of the list - "Day After Thanksgiving Shopping Day" with Mom (and Michele). It's never failed to be a special time.

LiteraryGirl said...

1. I've always said the one thing I excel at is that regardless of how our day goes, they know how much I love them and how great I think they are.
2. Christmas Baking

stephietoo said...

Stephie, I was just about ready to call you and tell you where liars go! Your first answer made me LAUGH! That is what I love about your family, you guys just kind of 'go with the flow'. I think that is why we love you guys so very much. That and the fact that John and Travis work so well together getting us through the corn maize!

1. I really can't answer the first question since I am not a mother.

2. I would say day after thanksgiving shopping too, but I can't. I absolutely detest shopping around the holidays. Everyone pushing, running, pulling, grabbing, etc. Ugh! You could not get me up and shopping at 5:00 a.m. with all of those crazy shoppers if you paid me!

Honestly, I really enjoy sitting at my mom's house watching TLC with her. We both enjoy the medical shows and the home improvement shows. Back when I was a kid, I would eat, breathe, and sleep swimming, and just knowing that my mom was right there beside me at every swim meet, swim event, just about every practice (she would not stay for the 6:00 a.m. practices but would usually hang around for the 5:00 p.m. ones) is a memory I will always remember. I really enjoyed having her there for it all.

Those are great questions, JustMe! Have a great day everyone!

JustMe said...

1. Isn't it funny how we all immediately think of the things we suck at, THEN reluctantly pat ourselves on the back for the things we do well?...For instance, the first thought in my mind was how awful I am at being consistent emotionally. One minute I'm the beatific mom I want to be, the next I'm yelling and so angry spit's flying out of my mouth...and so often instead of listening to them I've got my nose in a book or I'm trying to listen to my favorite song...OK, I'm good at: very little TV time, "being there" for activites etc., providing structure, physical affection (this one I'm proud of because I didn't get much as a kid and longed for it, so it's a pattern I'm trying to break in my family).

2. My mom is very shy and doesn't reveal herself, so I fall at the "wishing" end of this question. I wish I could talk to her about anything, I wish we had a closer relationship, I wish she spent more time with my kids, I wish we were more real and less polite!

HollieHobbie said...

Stephanie, you crack me up!
1. I like to have fun. We have toys and books all over the place to just take part in whenever we want. Now, that also drives me nuts at times when I want a place to walk and not step on a toy! I also sincerely laugh at/with them.
2. Mom and I talk on the phone alot since she is 3000 miles away. But when we are together, I like shopping with her and going out for dessert.

HollieHobbie said...
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chele said...

I certainly agree with Heather about first considering all of my serious flaws in motherhood before working through some of my "gifts". I have recognized as of late my "trigger moments" that just send me into that UGLY MOTHER MODE - most times when we are pressed for time and I feel as though I'm the only one trying to get us going on time, or when the house turns (in a moment's notice) to chaos before my eyes - and again, I seem to be the only one who cares. I need to work on my responses in these situations - as my behavior is most often seriously lacking compassion and grace.
Having said that, I do hope and pray that as mentioned elsewhere, my children know that we love them unconditionally.... "I love yous" and hugs are always welcome and (I hope) given generously. They also know that I am human - I think I do a fair job of letting them know if/when I have overreacted to a situation and how sorry I am that I didn't handle it differently. They know that we are ALL works in progress.
The other thought that came to mind is that I do believe I am fairly decent at being a "tough love" parent (perhaps too much so at times though) in that I am not often swayed by emotional pleading, dramatics, or "negotiating" when I have made a final decision about a certain topic. I can turn on the "indiffernet-'I-can't-hear-you'" role quite well when the topic is closed for discussion. Again though, I'm not sure if this is something to brag about... :)
As for my mom - again I echo Steph - THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING SHOPPING rocks! Mom was and is super - too many great memories to share.

LiteraryGirl said...

I love all of the honesty. I think if Moms were more honest about how they fail in the home we would all beat ourselves up a lot less...or at least I know I would. To hear another Mom admit she yells at her kids and "loses it" instantly makes me not feel like a failure, not that it condones it, but it's nice to know you aren't the only one struggling with parenting!