Thursday, October 12, 2006

History in a Box

Two days ago, while on date night with John at Ross (yes, we do love to shop together.....), I had the opportunity to meet "Trish" - a friend from John's past. I gave her a "once-over", blonde hair, classic beauty, named "Trish"- and knew immediately I was meeting the first woman that John asked to marry him. She was friendly, and bless John's heart, he quickly affirmed to me that I was prettier (whatever, honey, perhaps younger.....but really, it's okay). She was with a man that John also knew, I believe from high school. He said they were a perfect match for each other - I'd go into details why, but that would be negative talk...... so, hope the relationship lasts!

I don't think I'll ever be running into the two men that I discussed marriage with in a Ross store. Last I heard, ex-fiance, Lance, was living in Seattle with his wife. Brinton, serious relationship prior to Lance, was born and raised in Texas, doubt that he'll ever live in Oregon, much less visit. The only thing that remains of their existence in my life is, 1.) memories and 2.) two shoeboxes sitting on a shelf in a bedroom in my parent's house. Within those shoeboxes are letters, notes, pictures, momentos on why that relationship existed in the first place. Some may have a problem that I even keep these shoeboxes. Rest assured, I don't ever look in them, but they are part of my history, and if my daughter ever wants to know what helped shape me into the person I am, or perhaps, because I still hold these men in a relatively high respect - what she needs to "hold out for" in terms of a man that would be worth it for her. Of course, I absolutely saved the best for last and she needs only to look to her Daddy to discover what is best for a husband, so I guess that is a moot point. (On a sidenote: If you get the chance to listen to Mark Schultz's new album BROKEN AND BEAUTIFUL, don't miss "She Was Watching" about this very subject - it will make you cry....).

I was thinking about this "box of history" in bed last night and wondering what sort of shoebox my impact on different people's lives would make. I'm thinking of all sorts of relationships here - not just boyfriend/girlfriend. Would there be notes of encouragement to put in those boxes? Or, if, somehow, emails where printed out, or conversations transcribed, would they fill a box up worth opening and reading through frequently? Would someone ever want to use this box as an example of what a good friendship/relationship ought to be?

I think I'm going to close off and head to the Hallmark store. I've got some work to do......


JustMe said...

Well, I think somewhere I have a wonderful "10 year letter" that you wrote to me across the years, that is definitely shoebox-worthy.

stephietoo said...

There are too many things to mention here that are shoebox-worthy. Steph, you have been the best friend a gal could ever hope for. (You too Chele!) There are many cards, notes, and conversations that would fill that box (those boxes). They would all be overflowing with love and friendship. You are family to Travis and I, we love you so much! Thank you for being such a great friend; thank you for always being there for me; thank you for loving me unconditionally, always!

I love you!