Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Amazing Mouse Circus

Today I showed up 15 minutes late to a "Mouse Circus" presentation that Brayden's class was doing. It broke my heart to be late and I just messed up the times. God, blessedly, intervened, reserving two front row seats for Mikayla and I and scheduling Bradyen's presentation towards the end.

I have a bit of a bias against people who go on and on about how perfect their teacher, school, activity, coach etc is - everybody's different, nothing and no one is perfect, and we all have our own opinions. That being said, though - I am so impressed with Mr. Deese and the a'mousing' job he did in setting up and teaching such an incredible project that Brayden will remember forever. The kids have been working with mice for the last month or so - and even got to witness the brand new babies of a mouse that was unknowingly pregnant. They've been making charts, mazes, conducting experiments, doing probability - all sorts of learning that they don't even know that they are doing because it is so much fun.

Today, was the culmination of all this work. We watched as these brave mice performers walked a tightrope, swam, ran races, climbed a rope, and navigated mazes. Special presenters (based on the day (out of 3) that your parent would be in attendance) were even able to dress up as clowns. I am especially grateful that I will forever have a photograph of Brayden truly being the "Class Clown" that we know he is.

Kudos to Mr. Deese and his whole first grade class - and of course, to all of the mice too!


HollieHobbie said...

cute, cute, cute.....did you make his costume?

StephieAnne said...

No, I had no idea until I got there that he was even dressing up!

chele said...

It is my humble opinion that I have one very incredibly adorable nephew. Priceless.
Thanks Steph - your last two blogs certainly restore my faith and boost my confidence in public schools. Well done Mr. Deese! It seems quite likely that Brayden was altogether spoiled with an exceptional teacher. What a great way to start an educational career...