Tuesday, June 13, 2006

End of Year Field Trip

Today, Mikayla and I accompanied Brayden's first grade class to a nearby arboretium for an end of year field trip. Despite the fact that I was in a particularly squirrely group, it was a good time - mostly because I wasn't responsible for the teaching and entertaining - we had a guide named John who was the pro at that.

We saw our share of Oregon wildlife - the banana slugs, nutria, and even a mommy wild turkey with her baby birds spooked to the tree tops..... I was pleased with Mikayla for keeping up the same pace as the rest of the kids, and it made me realize how much I miss the hikes I used to take when I was single. Perhaps we'll take a family hike to Multnomah Falls when we visit Portland this weekend........

By the way, the last picture is Brayden and his teacher, Mr. Deese - an amazing guy, I couldn't ask for better for our son.

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