Monday, June 12, 2006

A Couple of Questions XXI

In honor of Father's Day (and with the help of the Woman's Day magazine I read):

1. What is something that you have learned from your father?

2. What is a story or something funny that your father is determined to never let you live down?

Happy Father's Day, Dad - I love you so much - you are the best!!!!


StephieAnne said...

1. I remember a certain drive back from Central Oregon in which mom and dad were trying to define popularity and how to achieve it. Basically, what Michele and I came away with was that is much more important to be respected than to be the "coolest person of the moment" - and that the best way to achieve respect is to be kind to others, try your hardest, and believe in yourseslf. Thanks Dad!

2. Dad loves to go on and on about how anytime we went to a restaurant offering a salad bar, Michele and I would request one and then walk away with a small mound of lettuce, a pile of croutons and dressing and completely waste the $8 they spent on each of us....(can't say my choices at the salad bar have changed much, either, sadly - however, the quantities have....)

HollieHobbie said...

1. Dad would say "You meet the same people coming down as you did going up". It made sense at the time but now I am totally confused by it as I read it in print. I think he was trying to say like "as you succeed don't burn your bridges"....maybe....
Also, the ever-passed down : something about having a good reputation. I guess I should've written them down.
2. Oh, he won't let me live down when I was in the Virgin Islands and a guy asked me, the gullible tourist, if I wanted to get my picture taken (with my camera) with his donkey, and I said "sure" then he charged us $5.00! and I paid it! I was 18 and so naive.

HollieHobbie said...

I wondered what 21 in roman numerals looked like.

JustMe said...

1. My dad wasn't one to give much advice, but from his example I learned about sacrificing for family. He worked extremely hard to support us, and often showed up late to vball games and track meets straight from work, no dinner, and exhausted; and never said one word of complaint. Whenever I feel sorry for myself about working during the day and not seeing much of the kids, I think of him and hope one day they'll understand and remember how hard I always tried to "be there" for them whenever possible.

2. My dad is too nice to tease me about anything - seriously! It's my grandpa who always says, "Do you remember that time you..." and goes on to tell a tale from when I was 4 years old or something.

chele said...

My thoughts are scattered and my brain is fuzzy, but before I leave town, I want to document for my dad my responses to these questions.
1. My dad taught so much through example. There are a few words of wisdom I do recall him passing on - but most often, the bigger truths were taught through model and experience. Especially notable, my dad taught us the value of hard, honest, work - and the integrity involved in always doing your best. Now years later, I wonder how to teach my kids this very principle and I pray that they can see in me the legacy Dad passed down.
2. I am too brain dead to come up with anything great here... there are so many topics that dad loved to poke fun of us about (the amount of time it took us to eat dinner perhaps - or maybe he'd tell you all about every crazy fishing trip we'd take where he'd spend 75% of the time untangling our lines and replacing lost hooks...)- truth is, most certainly these will be the same issues/same stories I'll probably be teasing my kids about someday too. What comes around, goes around!
I love you Dad! Happy Father's Day!