Monday, November 21, 2005

Almost The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

This is one of my favorite cards - I hope it comes up clear enough to understand...

What follows are the "ingredients" to a successful all-day super shopping spree for myself, my sister and my mom. Perhaps they might serve helpful to you, but no matter how you spend your Thanksgiving and "Day After" holiday - I hope it's wonderful!

1. Prepare accordingly. Scour ads the night before and prioritize your shopping trip based on opening times and priority items. Wake up early as needed....
2. If one must torture their body to wake up at such an uncomfortable hour - pamper it with last night's dessert. Have gladwear containers, plastic cuttlery and Reddi-Whip available to eat on the way to your first destination. As needed, aim Reddi-Whip directly into mouth.
3. Take cell phones with you - and take them into each store - turned on.... (can you tell we've had problems with this in the past?)
4. The first one succesful in finding their prize items within a store should then volunteer to stand in line. Shopping can be continued by the other two - but at least the first has reserved a place in line.
5. When choosing a line, consider the pharmacy, customer service and jewelry counters. In Target and Shopko, always stay to the aisles to the left (as you are facing the check-outs). We've seen the lines to the right all merge into one - with only a couple check-outs to accommodate them. It's sad...
6. Make a point to secretly share the good fortune of a well-chosen line with one merry shopper stuck in a bad line. It feels good.
7. Plan for a caffeine infusion at about 9-10:00. It will be necessary.
8. Plan for protein of some sort to offset the caffeine and sugar you've previously poisoned your body with as needed.
9. Bring a calculator to sort out who owes what for who took the bill for each store... for us, it requires a major in calculus.
10. Save all receipts, it may be necessary to repeat this kind of day in reverse the day after Christmas!

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HollieHobbie said...

I love the card and I LOVE this list. It is print-out worthy and put into my Cozy Holiday Planner.
You are so funny and you 3 girls have lots of fun on Black Friday!