Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

John and I COULD NOT WAIT to get away to the Schillings house over Labor Day Weekend.  We'd sold our season opener tickets as this time there has become a tradition - a great place to soak up the last of the "cozy summer endorphins" before the crazy of school would begin.

(It's also fun because we know all bets are off for eating - as the big diet starts on Tuesday - so it's kind of a fun heyday weekend just because of that...and of course, the start of college football!)

Our first stop en route to Michele's house was the Woodburn Outlets.  It was just John, Mikayla, and myself as Brayden was going to picked up late with Traig and Nati by Michele and brought up.  However, we also had Sydney with us - and since we couldn't leave her in the rig on a 90 degree day, she got to walk along the outdoor mall with us.  It's actually a pretty frequent site to see dogs, probably for the same reason as us, but it felt weird for us.  We were actually told, after the fact, that dogs are allowed in many of the stores too, but we opted to play it safe and take turns holding her while the others' shopped.

Saturday was spent all day watching the games - and paying special note to our game against South Dakota (we knew it was going to be a blow-out win and it was) and then the Beaver game's win too.

On Sunday, Michele spent the morning in her classroom and we came and visited after she felt like she'd made her final decoration touches.   She had been very bummed at the end of last year when there was no longer a position at the school she'd taught at (and fallen in love with) literally a quarter mile from her house.  She resigned herself over the summer that she'd just return to subbing (hopefully on a frequent basis), but then the principal called her a few weeks ago and offered her a job at 2/3rds time.  While she'd love to be full time, by the time you punch out the numbers, she'd end up making more than even her most busy of sub months, so it was well worth it to take the position - especially knowing she'd be "in" at the school - with a job expected for years to come (and probable at full time too).   To make the deal even better, she was asked to teach 7th and 8th "Exploratory" - a class in which they cover issues the kids and staff feel like aren't instructed in other classes (bullying, self image, diversity, etc....whatever they feel is necessary).  Her other class is 6th grade Leadership (that will eventually have Ellie as her student).  Talk about perfect subjects for her to teach.  Michele (like myself!) loves to talk and tell stories - and these promise to be just about the most bonding subject areas you could have, not to mention, there are no benchmarks or tests she has to get the kids at a level to pass!

I'm super proud of "Mrs. Schilling" and know that her students will be thrilled to have her.  Already, she's been told stories of how happy returning kids are to know she'll be back (especially those that have her on their schedule).

(And, she's got one heck of a cute and homey classroom....)

This picture was taken on Monday.  It kind of sums up all that you get to do on these sweet days of summer.  Good job sleeping in, Ellie....well done....

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