Saturday, September 13, 2014

Getting On with Life

It wasn't a "gnashing of teeth" start to the week, but none of us were all that pleased when Monday morning rolled around.  A WHOLE WEEK of school?  How would we survive? just do it, that's how.

For me, it was helped out by hanging out with fun people - on Tuesday I got the chance to hang out and catch up with Danielle Henry.  Later that night, I saw a lot of CCF friends at a meeting held by our pastor - and met a new gal with young boys that I hope to have the opportunity to hang out with someday.  She did an excellent job of giving me "one on one" rambling time to keep me from being overwhelmed by the big group gathering.  

On Wednesday, Whitley and I got to hang out with Lisa and Steph H.  It's kind of annual thing we do - get a walk or hike in once we hit September.  This opportunity did not disappoint.  It was  brilliant (albeit eventually too hot) September day.  

Later on, we tried something new with Whitley.  PLAY DOUGH!  Who knew when I was just too lazy or sentimental to toss all of those tools and fresh containers of Play Dough that it would be used in abundance in the days ahead.  I think we are just hitting the tip of the iceberg in terms of her excitement about it.

On Thursday, I did not have a plan for the day - and it turned out that Christi's plans failed too - so we went together to "Splash" for the Toddler Play Swim.  It was her first time and both her and Elsie were very impressed.

Both girls had so much fun and played hard.  We had started at the playground, so this was only adding to the fun of the day...

I thought for sure that girl would give me hours of sleep.  Maybe 90 minutes....she's been kind of skimpy on her naps for me these days despite every effort to wear her out!   Isn't she precious though?  The yellow dog and pink blanket were Mikayla's that she adopts at naptime.  The white blanket, giraffe ("Squeakers"), and Moose ("Moose") (not seen) get brought with her every day.  I love her little routines....

Friday was "my day" - as I had set it aside as a requested "No Whitley" day to give me the opportunity to do my annual Harvest decorating.  Sigh....such a fun day for me.  I LOVE this time of year....

That night, both kids had plans.  Mikayla got to go to the UO Volleyball game with these lovely ladies - her Webfoot foursome, in order to celebrate Emily's birthday. 

And, Brayden got to hit Marist's Varsity football game where this happened....

Yes, he used the "Bachelor" line (she's a huge fan), to ask her, "Would you accept this rose to go to Homecoming with me?"  Well done, Brayden, well done.  They consider themselves "best friends" - and we are rather smitten with Ashton - she is just as sweet as she looks.  Super happy for this to go off without a hitch and am excited for the good time I have no doubt they'll have at Homecoming. 

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