Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Very Special Honor

I was so very thankful for the headache to subside by Saturday night as Sunday morning was a special morning for John.  He'd been asked by a friend of his to be the guest speaker at the church in which the friend is pastor.  He and his wife were on a mission trip to Uganda (where they'd previously adopted their son) and he requested John speak on one of the Sundays in which he was absent.

John prepared immensely for it - put together multi-media to supplement the talk, and integrating his testimony into the three facets he preached upon. 

I am used to hearing John's "Testimony Talk" (though every time I hear it, I get a glimpse into some new naughty thing he did before he became a Christian!) - but, this was one of the first times he'd pulled together a whole sermon that I'd gotten to listen to.  Between me and you - my readers - I'm a pretty critical listener, particularly when it comes to someone keeping my attention or challenging me at church.  That being said, I was prepared to build my man up no matter how the message went or how it was received.  But, let me tell you - there was absolutely no "fluffing this man up" or empty compliments that I passed on to him - he was OUTSTANDING!  I was riveted, challenged, and moved to teary eyes throughout his 40 minute message.  And, based on the immediate reaction from the congregation and later follow-up with folks who go there, they were very touched too. 

So proud of you, John - I love the man who God has made you to be and how completely you've laid your life in His hands and the path He's outlined for you.  So thankful to be your wife!

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