Friday, May 02, 2014

Weeks with Whitley Are More Fun with the Sun

The week that split the end of April and the beginning of May was just glorious in terms of weather for Eugene.  Temperatures were in the normal low 60's Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday, woah - we were close to 90 degrees!  In fact, the coastal towns reached 91 degrees - definitely a record as they rarely ever hit that temp even in the height of summer.

On Monday, I let Whitley go to town with the chalk.  I suspect she's been doing this for a while with her mom and dad as she seemed like a pro.  Still no firm determination if that girls a leftie or a rightie.  They say you should notice a preference by 18 months - maybe she'll end up ambidextrous!

No, she didn't write that.  The girl may be talented, but she's not a handwriting prodigy...

She is, however, quite good at keys and locks - she was determined to help me retrieve our mail.  

On Tuesday, we got the oil changed in my rig, so I opted to use that time taking a walk along the nearby Delta Ponds.  So many fun sights...


And lots of Canadian Geese - many with their baby goslings in tow-

Such a perfect day for a walk-

Because we had a little bagel with us to toss to them, the geese came quite close to us.  Whitley was loving it.  

Had to prove she came along for the ride - she gets a bit bored, so I'll often give her some "nature samples" to inspect...

As I looped back to Kendall Honda, I ventured on a short walk I'd seen from the road leading to another of the ponds.  It ended up going on for quite a ways, and emptied out along the path I'd been previously.  Excellent - yet another side path that goes beyond the asphalt and makes you feel like you aren't in the middle of town - I love that!

On Wednesday, Whitley and I took a walk along a hill route before the sun came out in full force.  She was obsessed with this sign in Costco, and had many customers there very entertained as she tried to put it atop her head.  The things I just sit back and watch her do, vs the way I hurried my own kids through life... well, I guess you could look at it as either good or bad.  But, most folks, I think, appreciate just watching this girl explore and treasure each little simplicity of life we have often long since taken for granted.

And talk about treasuring.  OH MY GOODNESS, was this girl a HAPPY CAMPER, when I took a $6 sprinkler hose and strung it across the court.   By this point, it was mid-80's and she was literally squealing with delight.  In fact, she continually used "EEK!" as her term of joy.

As I sat her watching her delight in these simple summertime joys - while myself getting a tan (Note - Whitley was drenched with sunscreen repeatedly...) - I really found myself treasuring life as well.

At about 3:45, Mikayla came home to join us, and if it was possible, Whitley's enthusiasm ramped up that much more.

I love this expression!

On Thursday (and again on Friday because one day wasn't enough) - we ventured off to Lone Pine Farms.  The first in the line of attractions were these GORGEOUS hanging baskets.  (That was another motivator to return, as I had resisted on the first trip, and then decided we really needed one).  ;)

Then, on to the animals - and I held my breath wondering if they would be a hit or a "miss" like the previous visit in September (that caused her to freak out and cry).  Clearly, based on these pics, they were a HUGE HIT.  She wanted to pet them, feed them, kiss them - and I'm sure if given the opportunity cuddle with them.  

The goats too!  They were the really scary creatures last time - but no fear this time...

And, then, to top off the excitement - there was a playground!  Woo hoo!

These were the pictures taken on Friday - when we explored the mining station.  

And, then, Whitley's adoration of slides hit a whole new level.  I couldn't resist just snapping away with my phone as her expressions were priceless.

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