Thursday, May 15, 2014

Many May Adventures with Whitley

It doesn't take much to please Whitley these days.  If it involves a slide, a swing, or a trampoline, she is one happy camper.  And, when Whitley is happy, I'm happy.  So, we do a lot of things that make Whitley happy.  

Here she is at the Gateway Mall on one of the days the weather wasn't stellar.

Oh, I forgot animals - that's a surefire way to make her happy too.  It was hard to decide who was more pleased in this situation, Annie the dog, or Whitley.  It was a great way to keep Whit occupied while watching Brayden play lacrosse.  

Last week, Michele took a day off from teaching.  Technically, it was a "sick day" - and yes, she was recovering from a sore throat, but mostly she was feeling run down and needed a "mental health day".  I decided Whitley would be good medicine for "Aunt Chele" - so we met up half way at a park in Corvallis.  It was a perfect day for playing. 

We thought she'd be more excited about the train at the park - and she was, from a distance.  But, once she got on, she was ready to be off of it. 

That Friday, Mikayla had the day off, so we planned a day of fun together.  It was a rainy day, so our first adventure was making colored foam (a trick from Pinterest), and let Whitley play with it in the bath tub.

Our next stop was to Target.  That was a quick stop, though, due to a little "accident" with Whitley.  When she gets excited, she likes to grab at stuff - and when she thinks you might be coming to take it from her, she'll frequently "chuck it" - exactly what she did with a bottle of purple nail polish.  This picture was taken a full week after the "incident", as there was no way we'd be sticking around assessing the damage done.  Instead we alerted an employee of the mess and got out of there as quick as possible.  Oh dear....

I swear, time moved at a one quarter rate on Friday, so we were still killing time running errands and getting Dutch Bro's before our ultimate destination opened its doors.  That destination?  Putters - on the other side of town, that I had read had a pretty cool indoor playground.   This is it -

While I wasn't overwhelmed by its awesomeness, Whitley sure was.  And, with the whole place to ourselves, and Mikayla chasing her down the windy slide - she was laughing non-stop. 

She was having so much fun, it was really hard to pull her away to have some pizza (we felt like we should order some given there's no admission price for the playground (vs. the indoor putting course)).  This was about the extent of her lunch consumption. 

Then, off to playing again.

This last week, Webfoot had a fundraiser at the Papa's Pizza across town - too many reasons why it would be silly to pass this up - so Mikayla and Whitley played while the pizza was prepared.

I figured out that there are 5 "Established Parks" within walking distance of my house (not even counting the school playgrounds that will open up in the summer).  What a lucky girl.  On Tuesday, we did our longest venture out - about a 40 minute walking venture to get there (and then 40 to get back....).  So, once we arrived, I definitely wanted us to get our play time in.  Not hard to convince Whitley - of course the furthest one would be her favorite yet.  =)  Slide to swings to slide to swings.  And, yes, I intentionally keep her in her jammies - especially in a sand park when its sunny - UV protection, no sandy toes, good surface for the slides....

The final picture is at another lacrosse game this week - Brayden's second to last one actually.  He had several guests this week - Leona, Cully, and Zach were all able to attend a game.  Very cool!

And, Christina got lots of love from Whitley as well - she gave her lots of kisses along with this hug. 

I'd say it's been an excellent start to May - looking forward to the fun the rest of this month brings with Whit!

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