Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This Time, It's a Tuesday Night Gathering...

But given it was Heather's last time to hang out with our life group, we were all more than happy to accommodate the change in schedule. 

Sabai was chosen again as the restaurant destination of choice - here's a picture we took after our meal.  Steph and Whitley were there during dinner, but it took forever to even get our check, and then, when we were asking to split it 6 ways - well, no one denied Steph when she suggested she get Whitley home.   (Elaina was out of town at a conference, so she couldn't make it). 
As is often the case when they are around, the babies kind of stole the spotlight during dinner.  It's really hard not to be enamored by their smiles and charm...

Once we finally got that bill settled, Heather asked if we could return to our house to play "Just Dance" on the Wii.  Given that the activity involves public dancing - which is one of those activities that produces high amounts of anxiety for me to consider doing, I was reluctant.  But, for Heather - I sucked it up and proved how horrible I was with the first two songs as the obvious loser of the four dancers was me each time.  But, then, a beautiful thing happened... we put in a country version of "Just Dance" - and despite laughing at how hokey the moves were - I came out with the highest score.  I guess it just proves that I'm good at bad dancing... =)

I asked if we could build a fire and do s'mores.  We never got around to doing that at Heather's party, and that is a very sweet memory each year to share with these ladies.  I'm so glad we made it happen.  As soon as I got home from the restaurant, I whipped up a blackberry cobbler and it was ready as well to indulge in along with the s'mores gooey goodness....

We ended the evening by each of us praying over Heather - for her journey across country with her mom that they are both excited for as it will be a two week vacation trip, for how her parents will adjust with her absence here in Oregon, and for how she will adjust to life in Boston. 

And, since we are on the subject of prayer - I sure would love some as per direction to what this "group" will look like in the coming fall.  It's sounding like Darcy and Amanda will both be moving an hour north to Salem and that leaves too few of us to continue on our own when those of us that are left so frequently have valid reasons for not being able to make it on any given night.  I'm trying to hand this over to God completely - to not try to find a solution that makes my heart feel okay.  This whole group began 5 years ago because God asked me to do something I wasn't comfortable doing and it turned in to the most amazing experience and friendship bonds - now it's time I listen and be willing to act upon His leading again. 

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