Friday, April 04, 2014

So Behind!

It's getting harder and harder to keep caught up with the blog - especially when there aren't any "in-and-of-themselves" key events to record.  So, I think I will start with the catch-all post of activities that took place the first week after Spring Break ended.

The week started with an appointment for Brayden to follow up on a root canal.  (Ugh....).  He's a champ about those things and they were very impressed with him.  I was impressed in the waiting room with Whitley too.  We actually visited the dentist's office next door to see their very cool double decker play structure.  

I love this picture of her looking at a book...

Oh Whitley!  She loves baths - and loves to escape the bathroom before I can get clothes (or a diaper) on her.  This time, she threw on her boots so she could go play outside.  I responsibly chose to keep this off of Instagram or Facebook, but couldn't resist putting it on the blog.  (Oh those cheeks!!!)

On Tuesday night, we got to go watch the #1 (in the nation!) Oregon Softball team take on UC Santa Barbara.  It was an easy win with the "run rule" taking place in the 5th inning.  We also scored free concessions and VIP seating (unnecessary given the lack of crowd) with a family raffle...that was basically rigged as we were the only family they submitted.  =)   (And, yes, that is Alexa in the background picture). 

We found out the night before that this gal was DRAFTED by one of the four professional softball teams that compete in the U.S.  She was the 11th pick.  It's great because another of her teammates was also selected, and ended up on the same team.  What an incredible achievement for Alexa - to go pro in a sport she loves and excels in.  So proud of her!

Wednesday started out GLORIOUS!  Finally, we're getting some serious spring weather around here and I had to take some creative shots on my walk with Whit.  (This is currently my phone's lock screen).  

Sadly, Whitley was fighting a cold that day, so by the afternoon, after her nap and a bath, all she wanted to do was stay close to me.  Note the way she's holding my sucks that she felt yucky, but it is always such priceless cuddle time...

Fortunately, by Thursday, Whitley had rebounded and was rearing to go - to go for our morning neighborhood walk....

...and then hop in the stroller to take a walk to the park.  This time, I threw in some sand toys and introduced her to this portion of the park.  It was a hit!

That night, those of us that were available met up at The Granary, a pizza restaurant, to catch up.  It ended up just being Leah, Heather, Christi and Elsie, and Mikayla and myself.  We were seated in our own little "nook room" - that had pillows for chairs.  Pretty cool!

I was loving my time engaging with Elsie.  She's getting more responsive and I'm constantly working for a smile.  =)

On Friday, we'd made plans with Lisa to visit her and the bunny they adopted from her friend, Angie.  We had already met the bunny (named Latte) at the camp they worked at together last summer, so I knew she was just as sweet as could be.  And, I suspected Whitley would get a kick out of her.

Actually, Whitley was much more concerned about Dudley, their small dog, having to be tied up and barking than she was the rabbit.  But, eventually, she focused on the bunny.

Whitley loved how soft she was and literally tried to roll her face all over her like a blanky.  

Lisa loves having Latte around, especially in the evening as Latte just sits on her lap and is like a stress-eraser.

That afternoon, we visited Marist to bring Brayden a special "birthday lunch" as his birthday was that upcoming Sunday. 

This picture just cracks me up.  We went in to the office to wait to see Rick, the assistant principal at Marist, and Whitley's uncle.  Whitley decided she wanted to sneak down the hallway - that expression..... oh my goodness! 

Visiting "Uncle Rick".  I have to be careful to say "Mr. Gardner" when I see him, as I know him much more as Steph's brother-in-law...."Uncle Rick".

I was trying to get her to pose in her cute little outfit - and she was done....about an hour overdue with the nap.  What was I thinking?

Not a bad way at all to transition back to real life during the first week after spring break....

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