Friday, April 11, 2014

April Outings

I guess that next week is forecasting rain again.  In fact, the high on Sunday is supposed to be 73, with the high two days later being 53 degrees.  Oh boo!  But, I will say, we've been taking advantage of this sunshine every chance we've gotten.

On Monday, I ended up stopping at the park after running errands, so Sydney got to come with us.  I don't think I'll do that much again as Sydney is a snot about digging holes - and kind of embarrassed me as she dug up around the park.  But, she was also a good source of entertainment for Whitley. 

She does it to get to the cooler ground and have a place to "nest" in...

Oh, this slide....over and over again.

On Tuesday, the weather was even warmer - I think it maxed out around 76 degrees.  And, I kind of overdid it.  While Whitley slept, I did an elliptical workout in the garage, and then Nancy came by to go for a walk with Whitley to the park.  After that, Whitley and I jumped for a bit on the trampoline - and sure enough....heat headache was the result.  Consequently, this was where I spent the morning of Wednesday...the therapy room at Mom and Dad's house.  Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be when I fought it overnight, but it did cause me to alert Travis and Steph that a "Plan B" should be put in motion for Whit as I wasn't sure if it would get a ton worse.  Thank God for Mom!

Feeling better on Thursday, and reunited with Whitley again we took advantage of the much cooler morning weather to take a walk with Danielle. We'd had rather hazy sunshine previously, and this blue sky was just delighting me.  It was the first river loop walk of the year for me....glorious!

On the way home, Whitley heard me popping bubbles with my gum.  So, when we pulled in the driveway, she was obsessed with that and trying to touch them herself.  You can guess that the gum was no longer chewed after this encounter.... =)

Thursday evening brought our first home-field lacrosse game.  Mom and Dad came out to watch and help "field" Whitley as she felt like the whole place was her's to explore.  John and her had a cute little moment checking out the camera as he was taking pictures.   And, as an added bonus - Marist won!  

Friday was one of those days with nothing on the docket, so Whitley and I took a long time at the park after our walk, took a nice long nap, and then played a bit at the park adjacent to Mikayla's school while waiting to walk home with her.  

At home, Mikayla and her shared a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese.  Steph had told me that Whitley likes this (as does Mikayla), but I didn't expect her to just keep consuming!  "More, more, more"!  It was a sweet way to end the week with her - feeding her mac and cheese (less messy than her having a go at it herself), with Mikayla by my side, and Dora in the background.  

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