Monday, April 07, 2014

Brayden's Birthday Weekend

Our weekend started off in Canby, Oregon, as Brayden had his first (ever!) lacrosse game there.  Despite the fact that their team lost miserably (young team against a team of kids who play Club Lacrosse all year), Brayden ran off the field BEAMING!  He was so happy - in love with this sport and already proclaiming he has no desire to continue playing football when he loves this so much more.  

(As a mom, I can't tell you how happy this makes me.  Not just for the safety sake of my smaller kid out there with a bunch of huge guys, or even the irritation of my kid who has skills but not the height or bulk to ever get off the bench, but more than anything that we get an August again.  I feel like we've lost that month and the transition into fall has been so much harder because of football - all the prep, conditioning, daily doubles, etc.  This way, he can continue up until school starts with weeks at Harlow and not feel like he's having to choose.  And, let's face it, Brayden struggles with time management, so starting off the school year with the ability to fully focus on the academic aspect will be a very good thing.  All around, we are ecstatic of this decision Brayden made fully on his own.)

The team ended up spending the night at Canby Grove Camp (ironically the camp that Lisa's friend, Angie, owns) while Mikayla, John, and I cashed in some free hotel nights to stay in nearby Lake Oswego.  

The next morning, their team played at Tualatin High School.  Another slaughter, with the same kind of opponents.  But, again, Brayden came off the field very happy.  He's now #24 - and plays the "attack" position.  This sport is brand new to all of us, so it's been intriguing to watch and figure out the strategy and rules.  I think it's most like hockey with how they can move down the field and play behind the net.  It is very fun to watch, very fast paced and over in about 70 minutes.  I'm down with that!

For his birthday, Brayden really wanted to purchase a new stick for lacrosse.  We went straight from the game to a Bigfoot Lacrosse Store and he came out with a beauty.  Those things are pretty expensive, so it was good timing to have some birthday money to spend.

Next stop - and a first for three of us, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  YUM YUM YUM!  They had me at Key Lime Doughnut - and there goes the willpower. 

We spent the rest of Saturday just chilling in the hotel - swimming in the pool, and ordering in for dinner with a movie.

On Sunday, Brayden elected to have his birthday breakfast at Portland's "Original House of Pancakes".  Oh son, what an outstanding make your mama proud.

This location is a converted home, and it sure doesn't offer a lot of seating.  Consequently, we waited about 45 minutes for a seat.

Good time to open the card we got him.

The waitress figured out it was his birthday and brought this out to him.  How fun!

And, our breakfast choices - John's is an "Apple Pancake" - basically a Dutch Baby with apples and cinnamon.  Oh, the goodness!

Mikayla and I split the Cherry Crepes.  I just can't deviate from the choice I've made ever since I was a kid.

Following breakfast, we strolled through the outlet malls and ended up at home with some time to regroup before the work week would begin again.  I think Brayden would say he had a happy birthday....I hope so!

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