Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Rainy Days and Mondays"...

The kids got a little bit of sleep in time on Monday morning as they had a 9am orthodontist appointment on Monday.  They've both had their first "stage" of braces with a second expected, but waiting upon the (slow coming) adult teeth to move in.  As a result, we get to visit Dr. Grieve twice a year to check out their status.  For sure, Mikayla will be needing a "round 2" (probably in 2016), but it's probable Brayden might be done. 

The kids' pediatrician is in the same office building - in fact, you can practically see the door through the windows.  So, we snuck over while they were getting looked at to schedule Brayden's annual appointment.  Whitley enjoyed the opportunity to play with some new toys, and I liked the fact that we were there right when it opened, so the toys were still unaffected by sick germs of other kids.  =) 

So proud of her for sharing with this little baby!  She seems to show a natural tendency to want to share and interact with other kiddos...

Later that day, Mikayla begged us to meet her at the school and "walk her home".  Since there's a park adjacent to the school, I figured, "Why not?".  It wouldn't be a place I'd pick as a favorite given the middle school kids who like to get out of school early and kind of run the place, much less the skate park and its (yes, I'm stereotyping) clientele - but to kill a half hour, it's not bad.

Caught a few pics of Whitley's fearlessness - 

Fearlessness like this...yikes, Whitley!

Tuesday was a big, big day.  The two walking dates I'd wanted to do with some gals this week both got scheduled for the same day.  Well, that would take care of the exercise component!  

First up, Megan.  I haven't hung out with this girl in forever - and it was so great catching up with her, what her staff role has been like with the Trinity House this year, and her upcoming missionary adventures in Bolivia.  She's such a gem. 

I tried my hardest to get Whitley to sleep in the allocated time slot between the morning meeting and afternoon meeting, but just when I thought she was sound asleep, all of a sudden I hear this "growl" behind me, and before I know it, I'm being smothered by Mikayla's Polar Bear Pillow Pet.  (I lay next to Whitley until she falls asleep as she is Mikayla's bed and not a play pen).  I couldn't help but laugh...what a hoot that girl is - and yes, I regret growling at some point last week to her, which obviously she thinks is the prelude to play.   =)  So...nap avoided - with the hope she'd fall into slumber when on the second walk of the day with Alysha. 

We hit the river loop with her - it was a gorgeous day... love these daisies. 

And, I love Alysha.  She's got a man in her life now...and she's kind of glowing.  It's been a long time for me to since I've been able to hang out with her, so it was a joy hearing about her life.  She's such a source of encouragement.  

Despite all of our best intentions, that nap didn't happen.  Are you kidding me, Whitley?  When are we going to make this happen?   It also turned out that Mikayla's usual ride home from practice with the Brennans wasn't able to happen because Grace was sick.  So, because Whitley chose to fall asleep right before we got to practice, I opted to stay at the facility vs. driving 20 minutes across town to see the lacrosse game Brayden was playing in and then have to come straight back.  It turned out that Brayden didn't end up playing, so it was a wise decision indeed. 

Whitley felt like 30 minutes was long enough for her to nap, and upon waking up was ready to party.  Her outfit didn't quite survive, so our option was to change her back into pj's.  Which is why, this series of pictures show Whitley at Mikayla's practice dressed in her jammies. 

And, oh, did she have fun.  And, oh, was she distracting.  As soon as she caught sight of Mikayla, she repeatedly yelled out, "Kayla, Kayla, Kayla".  Mikayla would acknowledge her, but Whitely felt like she deserved actual interaction.  =)  I did my best to keep her otherwise occupied, which really wasn't that hard with all the fun things to do, people to watch, and BALLS to chase and play with.  =)  She was so cute.  It was one of those times when you feel like a celebrity because you've brought the cutest thing on the planet in for everyone to watch. 

See, Travis and Steph?  We're multi-tasking as she learns her numbers!

All it takes is me to do this once and then she's all "Monkey see, monkey do"...

It's a good thing Mikayla's coach, Chelsea, loves kids.  She wasn't bothered at all (but I don't plan on making this a habit).  We even put Whitley in the ball basket while the team gathered around her.  She was a very happy camper!  =)

It's that time of year for my lilac tree to bloom and bless us with its beautiful flowers and fragrance.  Our waterfall flowers are just starting to bloom's a happy time of year for me. 

It brings me so much delight to know it takes next to nothing to get this girl to smile and giggle.  Especially on the trampoline...

We dodged yucky weather all week...until Thursday.  And then, it rained all day.  Time to bring out the toys.  So often, we kind of ignore the pile of stuff in the corner, but today, it was all drug out.   I had a trip to Sunriver to prepare to leave for at 3:30, so I needed Whitley as content and busy as possible while I got odds and ends packed and the house semi-cleaned for Heather to stay at and watch Whitley through the weekend. 

I had to take these shots of Whitley playing with toys Michele and I played with.  These particular toys were kept at my grandma and grandpa's house....which we were at all the time.  They've known a lot of love and attention in their lifetime and what a joy it is to have them in Whitley's life now. 

While I'm glad most of our rainy days are in the past (though next week's forecast does look a bit foreboding), every now and then it's kind of fun to stay in our jammies all day and just chill.... =)

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