Sunday, August 11, 2013

Whitley's First Birthday Party!

Really, a year?!!  How could that be?!  Welcome to the world of "time warp" Whites, as that's what it feels like when the normal pace of time kicks to fast forward in terms of how fast your kids grow up.

Trav and Steph wisely opted to celebrate her birthday at a local family-favorite pizza parlor to keep it manageable and low-key (and keep the mess away from their own home).  Great choice guys.

Whitley thought she'd already scored a present when she got a hold of Nati's ipod.  Nope, sweetie, that's not for you to keep.  =)

Nothing like the Merry-Go-Round to bring out the "little kids" in everyone.

(This is Travis' Mom sitting next to Whitley - definite family resemblance, huh?)

Michael Chase joined the party too.  Every time I turned around and noticed Brayden around him, I suspected Brayden was up to something in terms of messing with Michael.

Kind of love this picture.  Because I really love this kid.

In this picture, it looks like Whitley is enthusiastic about the cake.  However, as time went on and they gave her the individual one made for her to destroy consume, she really didn't want to have much to do with it.  She's an odd little one when it comes to tastes - she prefers savory over sweet and veggies over fruits.  Nothing too tart for her, that's for sure.  So, chocolate wasn't much of a hit either.  I suspect, if she'd been in the mood and was sitting on your lap, she might have enjoyed a few tastes, but eating definitely comes second to people-attention for Whitley, and that's what she wanted most at this point in time.

Time to move on to presents, Mom!

The first present she opened were some really classy toy keys.  She was obsessed with them and the sound effects they made through the rest of the gift-opening time.

But, she did give a little bit of love to Mickey.

See what I mean about Brayden - isn't that the classic look of a kid causing trouble?!

A turtle scooter Mom and Dad bought for her.  Though they weren't pictured, Mom and Dad and the Schilling Family were all in attendance.

I got this little card as it was cheap, who knew she'd actually be fascinated with it?

John captured this image....wonder where Whitley gets that facial expression!!!  =)

Oh, sweet Whitley - you bring the world more and more joy with every single day that passes.  I just wish they wouldn't pass so fast.

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