Saturday, August 03, 2013

Harlow Middle School Camp

Given how great the boys' week at Harlow was as they jumped up to High School Camp, we were hoping the transition for the girls to Mid School Camp would be just as exciting, fun, and spiritually challenging.

It was a huge relief to arrive and find that the carefully calculated placement plan of where they would each sleep on bunks was "do-able" in that other cabin mates didn't beat them to those locations.  It was even more of a blessing to realize who their counselors were.  The girl on the left is Cory Ewert - (aka "Mango").  She is the older sister of a boy that is a CIT and was in Brayden's cabin named Ryan.  ("Wipeout").  Brayden has really enjoyed getting to know him and becoming better and better friends.  The gal on the right lives at the Trinity House and is friends with a lot of the girls I've gotten to know a bit better this year.  Her name is Linzi Billis ("Sunny D")- and she is a sweetheart.  Exactly the ideal girls perfectly suited to be the counselors for our girls.

We got a couple of pics sent from Leah through the week indicating the girls were indeed having a blast.   Such a sweet perk to have the camp photographer be such a good friend.

Not to mention, the first counselor our girls ever fell in love with (Olive) when she was their counselor so many years ago.  They obviously still love her and in this picture the girls had all run through the sprinklers together

In what came as a bit of surprise, Ellie announced that she had re-committed her life to the Lord that week at camp.  She explained that Jacob Jacobson (Ping Pong), who was the camp pastor that week, really explained the Gospel and what it meant to be a follower of Christ very well, - clarifying in a way to her that compelled her to make a fresh commitment.  Clearly, this camp has a way of putting things in perspective like few other places/circumstances can.

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