Monday, August 19, 2013

Hills Creek Camping Trip

There's almost 150 photos uploaded to this post and I'm not sure if they are in order as they came up.  Given I'm still about 5 posts behind in my blog, I think I will just list out my highlights and it will probably be obvious how each of the pictures relate.  In a big summary statement, this was probably my favorite family camping trip that we've taken.  Lots of smiles, enthusiasm, harmony, ideal lake conditions - and no headaches, serious injuries, or incidents of poison oak.  Yeah!


- The girls' breakfast with Mom and Dad on Friday morning
- The boys' breakfast with Mom and Dad on Saturday morning (Dad got to talking about some of his experiences serving in Vietnam which absolutely captivated the boys).
- All of the kids' preference and huge enthusiasm for riding in the tubes with Mom and Dad
- Friday morning and Sunday morning, when the entire lake looked like glass....(especially Sunday).  Those conditions are so rare - I can't even explain the wonder and joy it brings.
- The adult camaraderie -particularly with Michael and Michele and us on our boat as we frequently rode out together.  We were really in the "same boat" as to our feelings and conversations this weekend (ha ha...don't you just love my punniness?)
- Watching the kids all develop their skills- wakeboarding, kneeboarding, wake surfing.  Proud of them!
- Actually getting a little air as I crossed over the wake!!!
- Learning how to "wake surf" (and getting up right away) - though I still prefer wakeboarding.
- Enjoying the Meyers family 
- Waking up early in the mornings - either chatting with Dad, walking Syd down to swim at the lake, or reading my Kindle.  I love, love, love mornings when camping and it will be dearly missed until next June.

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