Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's Hard to Be Phineas

As we hit the month of August, we were a little concerned about how Brayden's involvement in Marist Football would affect his participation serving out at Harlow.  Both are a huge deal to him, for many different reasons.  As a mom, I would vote to drop football and focus entirely on Harlow, but Brayden demonstrated his capabilities doing both much more impressively than I would have imagined.

As evening practices picked up, the second Day Camp began.  Fortunately, Brayden was paired with "Wipe-Out" (aka Ryan Ewert), one of Brayden's favorite new friends from the summer.  They had the best group he's had in a long time, and since it is the last week he'll serve in "counselor format", it ended with a bang.  As a fun perk, the little boy in the blue shirt is Carter, my friend Christy Johnson's youngest son.  It was a ton of fun for both her son and my son to have each other during this week.

This upcoming week during the final Day Camp,  Brayden was not able to commit to serving as a counselor because of the conflicts with afternoon football practices (and game), and the obligations of Picture Day at Marist.  However, Zach (aka Thor), asked Brayden if he would serve as an assistant to him in his role of running the Program this week.  Um, YES!  Exactly what Brayden would most love to do!!!!  In fact, I'm a little concerned that once he gets a taste of doing this, he won't want to return to counseling (which is what his future holds until he's out of high school).  Good thing that last group was so excellent to leave an outstanding taste for that aspect too.  I'm very happy for him to be able to participate this final week at Harlow, in such a way that allows for him to do what he needs to do for Marist football and school-beginning prep.  

On the cousin-side-of-things, Traig has barely been at home at all this summer.  On the days he hasn't been camping (Beverly Beach with his family, Harlow as a High School Camper, Mt. Hood with Brayden and us moms, or at Hills Creek), or the days that he's been at our house, he's been living at Harlow.  This, also, is rather unprecedented (like Brayden getting his assistant role this week).  Afterall, this is only Traig's second year at Harlow in a serving capacity.  As he's one year older, he's titled a CIT (Counselor-In-Training vs. Brayden's title of CAP - Counselor Apprentice).  But, even with that title, he's really not supposed to be out there any more than Brayden, as it's just supposed to be Day Camps and maybe Elementary Overnight that he'd serve at.  The big difference (besides the title and a little more expectation/responsibility) is that he gets to live at Harlow during the week.  But, with Traig - thanks, I'm sure again to Zach, he's been asked to serve at virtually all of the camps (with the obvious exception of the camp he attended himself, High School Camp).  What an honor.  And, what a difference we've seen in Traig - he's so happy, he would have been there at every single camp if he could have.  (Sorry we had to fill your summer up with other fun stuff too!).  He's also handled the role with such maturity and responsibility - he's thrived out there and been a huge blessing to others as well.  So proud of him.  And, I'm not big surprise that he earned this at the Harlow Banquet on Friday night:

Brayden had earned a similar award as a CAP last year - we really need to get the two of them together with their awards for a pic.

And, speaking of pics, despite every begging effort on my behalf for Brayden to take some photos at the banquet, he took none (at least of people).  

Fortunately, he has some good friends that are girls that did - and we just happen to be Instagram Friends with them - and through the beauty of screen shots, were able to steal their images.  This is where that title comes in....look at my (little!) boy - surrounded by all those beautiful girls.  Many will be headed to the same high school this year.... It's lookin' good for you, if only we can get you to reach a bit of a growth spurt.....(but then again, he's obviously definitely working that whole "Awe, how adorable" thing....).

As a postscript, I got this picture from Leah this morning with the caption: "Look at this stud helping with Campfire rotation... :)" 

It makes my day when I get random pics texted to me of my kids from my buddies at Harlow that are spending time with them.   When I picked Brayden up today he was thrilled to report that he's part of the program skit all week long....he's playing a Jamaican Mountain Climber....with his lines so far of (Can you guess?) "Yahhh Maaaan".  Good times, good times indeed!

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