Friday, January 04, 2013


I think the high in Eugene yesterday reached a brisk 32 degrees - quite the contrast to where the boys were partying it up in Phoenix where the temperatures hovered around 70 degrees.  Lest you think I sound jealous, really, I'm incredibly happy for them to have this time together and despite my love for the sun post-Christmas, was happy to be at home with Michele for the game.

John sent me this pic of Brayden via text, displaying "our boy" on the cover of the program.

I know that John will have a ton of I-Phone pics to provide for me to put up when he returns tonight (he wisely chose to leave the big camera at home - last year it had to be "checked" when entering the stadium).   However, I found this picture on Facebook of my boys posing with Josh and Christi Skow.  These two are fantastic - and we love keeping in touch with them via Facebook and Christmas cards.  What a crazy thing for John and Brayden to be able to connect with friends we met as young married couples sharing a Sunday School class "back in the day" in a stadium of thousands of people.  They were were actually seated two rows back.  And, yes, they are Kansas State fans - I think that's where Josh went to school.  Eugene was just a chapter in their cross-country adventures, as they followed a job position Josh was led to at the time.  However, Josh told John that their eldest child is an avid Duck fan - as he was born in Eugene and insists that's "his team".  He'll get the last laugh in their family based on the outcome of the game.

(Brayden looks a little dazed in this picture.  I'm pretty sure it's not just that it's a bad pic...the reality is that due to all the airline chaos, he went into the Fiesta Bowl Game with one hour of sleep....  Yes, our son is an otter, and loves to play to no end....and does evade sleep whenever he gets the chance, but by the time the game was over and John called from the hotel at 10:30 - he was SPENT!)

Another online picture grab - of Kelli and Brian Ross supporting Kenjon.  Clever!

These pictures are courtesy of Eric Evans Photography, posted on Facebook....

Obviously, you'll see the recurring theme of #24.

The Ducks started the game with a bang, having DeAnthony Thomas run back the opening kick for a touchdown - and then a 2 point conversion.  Eight points on the board before our offense even took the field.  However, Kansas State seemed to take control (despite what the scoreboard said) until a minute before halftime.  Within a minute, the Ducks had scored a touchdown, and never looked back from there.  

Kenjon was amazing in the second half (the play calls kept him from getting many carries in the first half).  He'll go down in many of the Oregon records second only to LaMichael James for most yardage, etc.  

How bittersweet that this is the last time we'll see him wearing Oregon gear playing as #24.  He will be missed - of course by the team - but, most definitely by our family.

The final score of the game was 35-17.  Many of the commentators believe we should end up as #2 in the country when all is said and done with the BCS Series.  How we would have loved to have had a chance again at the National Championship, but we proved what we needed to in Glendale - and ended strong.

Yes, indeed - the Ducks WON THE DAY!

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Tiffany said...

This game, in particular, was our topic of conversation at the dinner table this evening. Along with Texas A&M that is just underway!

Way to go OREGON!!!:)