Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Happenings

I've been fighting a sinus issue that's completely sapped me from energy and had me alternating ice and heat all day today.  It's kept me from keeping up with this blog - and oh, you should see my house!  Fortunately, though, I felt a reprieve over the weekend - and was able to participate in some fun. 

John was at Mens' Round-Up.  He's not much for "recreational writing", but I sure would love to get a little "Journal-Style" blog post from his perspective of what Mens' Round-Up has meant to him - even more so, with his last year serving on the Board, and more or less, taking the roll as President again.  His stories from just this weekend were so inspiring - and next year Brayden will be old enough to attend with him.  It will be a new chapter of how that event will impact our family.

Friday night, Michele and the girls came down and we joined Trav, Steph, and Whitley for "Friday Night Whites" (our term for our consistent Friday evening hang-outs).  Michael and Traig were also at Round-Up - so they were absent from the party this weekend too.  Always a good time with that family, watching football, a movie, and holding Whit.  =)

On Saturday, I got to spend some time my friend, Alysha at Starbucks.  I actually found a drink I like there...not much of a Starbucks Coffee fan (unlike my hubby who is there daily) - but surprisingly, the Salted Carmel Mocha (with soy and only one shot) was delicioso!  Too many calories (especially at this weight-loss stage of life) to consider making a habit of, but good to know I have a fallback when I meet up there to chat or hang with folks.

After Starbucks was the UO Football game.  Michele came with me...which was actually a big sacrifice on her part as it required her to leave the televised game of Oregon State vs. Wisconsin.  She admits to losing faith in her Beavers over the last couple of years (they even opted not to renew tickets this year) - but that team DID it!  They beat the ranked Wisconsin team and kept them to just 35 yards rushing.  WOW!  The Beavs are back...and it's about time.  Us Duck fans haven't even had the heart to instigate good-natured bantering with them lately as its been that bad for the last couple of seasons.  I'd love to see both teams at the top of the Pac 12!

Michele wasn't too bummed to go to Autzen though, as her family has bonded with Kenjon as well, so the opportunity to be there to support him was pretty special.  What a game he had too....203 yards and 3 touch downs.  I think I'll have to devote a post just about him and the kind of publicity he's had around here lately...  As much as I think it's cool that "we know that guy" when he's mentioned on ESPN or shown in highlight reels, it doesn't even begin to match the feelings of pride I have for having him be "part of our family" when I read his quotes that emphasize such humility, character, and devotion to the Lord, much less see him walk in to support Brayden at his first game last week or carefully hold Whitley in his lap.

So, it was "the twins" occupying seats 8 & 9, row 8, in section 15 =)

Sunday had Brayden and I headed out to Junction City for his annual Jamboree.  Ever since Dad's heart attack taking place four years ago when I was at this event, attending this kick-off for Pop Warner has always been something I dread (especially when it lands on the same weekend John is gone).  However, this year (our last), was the best so far.  The venue was great and organized, the weather was cool, the boys played well (Brayden was praised by three coaches for a killer tackle), and we were home by one!  Woo hoo!

Meanwhile, the girls had their own special date out with Mom and Dad (pic taken by Dad which is why he's not seen).   This year, due to Whitley's arrival, we canceled our annual Group Camping/Boating Trip.  It was missed, especially for the time we always get to spend hanging out with Mom and Dad.  The girls were especially pouty for the fact that they missed their annual hashbrowns breakfast - so they got a "raincheck" Sunday morning.  I'm bummed I missed it (stupid Jamboree!), but look forward to repeating the experience when we return to our annual tradition next year at Hills Creek.

That about sums it up.  I'm hoping the rest of this week proceeds better than today....  WAY too much time spent in bed, in the bathtub, back in bed, getting medicine, microwaving heatpacks, freezing icepacks, and missing out on a walk with Becky =(.

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sara said...

Sounds like a busy but good weekend..sans the sinus infection!!!

sorry I haven't been here much lately...just trying to get my head above water. Not posting all that is going on...will have to send you an email soon..but prayers for wisdom would be appreciated!