Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ducks vs. Wildcats

Last night, we had our first 2012 Duck game as a family.  It felt good to not "leave them behind" as we set foot in Autzen. 

We purchased some tickets just one section over, virtually in our same row, that Brayden and John sat at, while Mikayla and I took our season ticket positions.

Because Whitley had not afforded Travis and Stephanie a whole lot of sleep, they opted to sell their night game tickets to these two who wouldn't have a problem staying up until past midnight (the time in which we finally got out of the parking lot to leave).  I miss the Whites being there with us, but if it's not going to be them, it's super fun to have Heather and Kaela just two rows up from us.

And, then, at half time, the newlyweds, Kelli and Brian, stopped by to visit.

The traditional lead-off of the athletes, with the Duck on the back of the Harley owned and driven by Doug Koke, a work buddy of John's.

The final score of the game was 49-0.  You would have never guessed it would have ended up that way with how it began.  The Ducks were sloppy and on 6 different occasions Arizona was able to get into the red zone, but never came away with a score.  Our defense was magnificent last night - and there were some new players strutting their stuff too.  I think the end score helps everyone to forget about the first half.  The potential the Ducks have when they are all in sync and running on all cylinders is pretty amazing - I guess that's why they were ranked #2 in the AP Poll this morning.  (And for the record, way to go Beavers - who beat UCLA yesterday....yet another upset.  That earned them a place in the top 25....#18 in fact.  It's fun to have two Oregon teams successful right now and even more when I know how much the Schillings want to see them succeed).

During halftime, Mikayla was able to find her classmate buddy, Harley, who has season tickets about 20 rows up from us.

This family sits right next to me....Kerry, Brenda, and Cade.  This is their second year with these seats and I really adore them all - particularly Cade - who has a fun connection with me, and a pretty obvious crush on Mikayla.

They spent a good chunk of time playing with apps on the Kindles both Brenda and I brought.

Overall, it was a fantastic evening.  We were surprised with the light rain that lasted throughout most of the game - it was annoying, but not cold.   So fun to come as a family - we've already purchased tickets for them to be able to go to our next home game with us too...definitely positive bonding time.

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