Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time for a Change

The amount of time spent devoted to my hair this week is just downright embarrassing.  You can tell I've gotten a little bored with it and have been in the mood to try new things.

Thing #1, attempting "pin curls" (inspired by Pinterest...of course).  I quickly learned that "pins" (bobby pins) didn't cut it as far as holding my hair - clips were much more effective.  I probably spun and twisted forty different strands into place and then dried it all using a diffuser. 

I have naturally curly hair, but without a lot of product and encouragement, it's hit or miss as to which strands completely hold the curl.  Clearly, this method GUARANTEES curls....this was right after I took all the clips out.  It's like a perm gone bad, huh?

This was taken the night before when I had tried this method the first time....upon styling it a little bit.

So, end conclusion and recommendation:  Unless I am absolutely in the mood for crazy's much more time-effective to just use a curling iron - not to mention more manageable.  

Friday morning was the time to make a more permanent hair change.  I opted to wash and straighten my hair for Christi's sake so that when she applied color she wasn't having to brush through frizz and ringlets (she was very appreciative!).  Here's our before picture:

And, this is the "after" - sporting a much more red hue.  I'm VERY happy with it....LOVE it.  I was a red-head as a kid, so it's fun to have this color again, especially in the fall. 

This will be the last time I sit in this chair with Christi doing my hair at Bello.  As she is moving to California, her position at Bello is officially done.  =(  However, given her parents still live in Eugene, we're not giving up on her still being the one to take care of the family's hair....we could help offset the price to fly back to visit, afterall!  That's the plan, anyway, and good-byes are always easier when you have a plan as to when we'll see each other again.  In her case, it will be sometime in November, and again after Christmas.  Okay, that's do-able.  So, Christi, so-much-more-than-the-master-hair-stylist - rather a very dear friend who happens to be gifted with hair - good-bye....but, we will see you soon!

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sara said...

love the red!!!