Friday, September 28, 2012

Proxy Falls and the Metolius River

For just five hours (9:30-2:30), Steph Hoffman, Lisa Quigley, and myself were able to make a get-away to Proxy Falls and the Metolius area.  It was a color explosion of the best Oregon has to offer and we were did our best to absorb every short minute of it and each other's company.  

I knew I was pushing it for time, but I persuaded the girls to drive a bit further to Camp Sherman along the Metolius River.

My dad is working on the Vickers' vacation home there along the river.  The house that formerly existed on the property that they owned was quite old, dark, and inefficient use of space for the uses they had in mind for the home.  So, that house was removed - and this log house was put in its place.  The log portion of it was designed by a company that builds the houses together down in Medford, then dismantles and reassembles it on site.  Dad has been overseeing that as well as everything else.  It is a GORGEOUS home (only 1200 sq ft, the maximum size the home could be on that property....just perfect for a cabin on the river), on the most dramatically beautiful property alongside this branch of the Metolius River.    This is the back view of the house...turned this way you see the house, from the other direction is the picture above of the river.

View of the river from the interior windows.

The front of the home.

I hadn't warned Dad about visiting, but verified earlier in the week that Dad would be there when I saw my mom.  (Lately, he's been spending Monday through Friday in a motel in nearby Sisters, as the property is 100 miles away from Eugene).   It was fun to just show up and surprise him - super delightful, in fact - and partake in the tour he gave Steph, Lisa, and myself of the home.  

We made a very quick stop here on the way out of Camp Sherman - so we could hurry back to pick up kids from school.

What a remarkable way to spend a weekday without kids in tow - for sure, a huge lift to our souls to have the refreshment of God's creation and each other's friendship.

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